Need help reading "HoloChain Photos" code

  • Sharing my problem below for assistance.
  • Including a proposal at the end for (#learning-library)

Simplicity of this hAPP has created a natural draw for non-developer like myself to take a deep dive into technical workings of holochain in context to this hAPP.

HoloChainPhotos on GitHub
HoloChainPhotosProject initial forum thread by @ogu83
HoloChainPhotos filled out 100hAPPs Rally template

Current State:

  • Windows 10
  • Downloaded and Installed Ubuntu distribution from MS Store.
  • Downloaded and Installed NIX package manager
  • Downloaded and Installed Holochain
  • Cloned HoloChainPhotos Github repo
  • Tried to run following:
    • hc package
    • hc run

If your schedule permits and you understand how this code is organized, after careful deliberation (via private message thread) we could meet over a 20 - 30 mins recorded zoom session to capture technical knowledge of Holochain in context to this hAPP.


  • Acquire skills as a non-technical person.
  • Use this as method to onboard other non-technical person.
  • Demo project to drive interest into holochain.
  • Bootstrap technical students into holochain community.


Maybe @mhueschen is available to help you out with the code reading?

I would be interested to join in on this.


Hi as far as I understand you have clone the library and want to host in windows 10 environment. It has been built unsuccessfully. I don’t have any windows machine we could make a zoom call and discuss it via screen share. We can learn both ways. I will explain the code and see how it goes in windows 10. By the way I am using Ubuntu Mate & Mint Linux time to time. Are you available tonight.

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