Art and Holochain.
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Hi! Oh I didn’t even think about your name being Art when I made the topic. I wanted a place to talk about art and Holochain. I’m an artist and I want to become a holo host, but blaze the way by exchanging value not money. Is there a way I can provide value in the way of art creation either physical or digital for a holoport? I’ve been working on a Holochain piece. Sharing the progress on twitter @poly_annie .

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Hehe… I totally understood.

And also sometimes feel like it’s my job to make bad Art puns. :wink:


Hahaha!! Well you are like a celebrity to me so your response had me all in a tizzy and honestly made my day :nerd_face: keep up the art puns :sparkles:


@polyannie01 it is a delight to see an artist hanging out in developers forum and also a holoport owner (so I will see you there in forum as well)

what makes me happy to find artist in here is the fact, just today morning when I was working on a holochain 101 presentation, I felt pressing need for illustrator.

For I dont own copyright to any of the pictures on those slides which is meant to be used for educational purposes in small viewing audience setting… as my plan was to use them in meetup groups (in Chandler Arizona) once covid passes.

Thus when this was in works, thoughts were flooding in my head about the age old anguish around Aaron’s death, Occupy movement, role of Ivory towers and how we are holding back our society by our primitive notions of ownership!

For my pursuit of HoloChain, HTM, Ahimsa and many more concepts are driven by my pursuit to understand universe and deploy SriYantra at heart of these endeavor to breathe life into
स्वत: automata माता


Hi! I got introduced to Holochain through @kerrgreg and he invited me so I could participate in the conversations here. And I’m really glad I gave it a shot. I’m open to help anyone in the community with art, visual design etc!! I don’t know how to program or code or build apps but I can help make things beautiful.

I’m not currently a holoport owner but I’m hoping to trade art value for a holo port.

I’m curious to hear about your perspectives on Holochain and spirituality. I believe in Holochain so much because it aligns with what I believe to be true about how information and energy is exchanged in our reality.


Art exponentiates di*me-nsional pro~gra-m.m*ing


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“Picture speaks a thousand words”

holochain rests at the center accumulating history of our journey allowing us to build expressive patterns on top of them…

for example artist could help our community by bringing together more artists, makers, builders, creators, philosophers to help build the necessary ecosystem we need to project the exponential - dimensio.nul view to help ease accessing information within our palms helping our society wean away from monolithics of modern paradigm aiding cultural revolution that goes hand in hand with our efforts to build the New Order in this World :wink:

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Probably not of the highest priority, but I enjoy earning the badges and I noticed that they lack color. They’re literally brown. Anyway of making them cooler?

Hey @polyannie01! I’m so happy you opened up this topic of art in in the Holoverse. I’m a graphic designer and I’d love to exchange some ideas. I see it’s been a couple months now on the thread, have you gotten to develop some projects since?

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Hi! I haven’t worked on anything for about a month now. Not a lot of clear direction for me at this time but look forward to hearing any ideas you have.

Would definitely be happy to join the topic, being musician i was also thinking about ways to go, apart from the main projects/ideas I had about other topics.

One thing I could mention is, that “our” WE Project (I say “our” to mean, it is still an idea, waiting to become step by step real) could definitely include and implement art as a value to be included and exchanged.

Hope there will be ways to exchange ideas and talk about this. :wink:


Well, my main jam right now is to start a designer’s cooperative organization to help boost this movement and start putting some new business models and economics into practice. It’s at its very beginning stage, but I tried to summarize it as best I could here:


@LifeSMyth on a call, mentioned about gift he had received from an Artist. Steve can you tell us more or share a pic?

My recent involvement in setting up Phx Food Coop’s Discourse forum tool like this one, has helped me see potential of badge customization that can be done and can offer tremendous value to gamify interaction and engagement of members. Help is appreciated! (@polyannie01 @kerrgreg)

@MonaP DesignerCooperative sounds so cool. “Digital Art” being non-physical makes me wonder following:

  1. Membership of such a Cooperative.
  2. Global Currency such a Cooperative could Issue.
  3. Value System guiding Cooperative.

Hey @Aryabhatta,

The way I was envisioning membership to the co-op is members benefitting from sharing software, branding, limited liability, bookkeeping, maybe health insurance, and having a team to bounce ideas off of, while keeping their freedom to decide which projects to work with.

Membership would require ideological alignment to amplify the co-op/solidarity/commons/open-source economy and stop using our talents just for the benefit of business as usual. Also spreading and normalizing collective decision-making practices as well as distributing power, profit and ownership.

I recently discovered too the DisCo manifesto and loved how they are using technology to boost effective governance, benefit distribution, and compensating ‘care work’ appropriately, so that’s something I could see using Holochain for.

I had not thought about issuing a currency through it, interesting idea! Could you elaborate on how that would operate?

@polyannie01 if this is something that looks interesting to you, I’d be happy to chat about it sometime

@MonaP whoa!! I love it, you definitely have my attention. I do think the time is right for such a thing. And I’m def interested in chatting with you about it :slight_smile:

@Aryabhatta I’m the artist Steven traded with. Art for a holoport. :grinning:
I would also love to hear more about the discourse forum tool!!

@alu happy to have you as part of the discussions here :slight_smile:


  • “Designer’sCooperative” currency has tremendous potential in terms of “Utility” and “Trading” value for such a token can be used to source art work from artists globally.
  • Based on the ideological alignment of the cooperative, it could channelize Sovereign towards creation of Self-Sustaining Communities globally, while members earning “Coop” currency which can be traded in real world with others.
  • It could also adopt other currency such as RainForestCurrency or AhimsaCoin to help meet visions of these projects.

For starters, following Currency related courses are being offered by other Community Members:

Though you don’t have to wait for that if you want to learn high level concepts around Token Life Cycle and Currency System Life Cycle - you can watch Currency Design discussion between Art and Grace captured by @raphisee.


@polyannie01 Below is an example of what our customization is like currently.

Look at “Other” category with custom image and description.
Badges can be awarded to members by admin.

For other items one can swap inbuilt icons or upload theirs.

Specific to PhoenixFoodCoop, which is in early stages.

We are exploring how to leverage the Badge system to promote Member Engagement.

For example: KickStarter supporter, Newsletter committee member, registered Volunteer etc

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