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Team Size: 3

Description: Distribute universal basic income namely “AhimsaCoin” based on the book CarbonYoga, in order to create AhimsaCoin Economy based on principles of ecological consciousness.

Resources: none

I am at…: Ideation and Design phase

Skills: Business Analysis and Use Case Development, Community Outreach

Rate your team proficiency from 0 - 10 for each skill

  • Holochain knowledge: 2
  • Front-End: 1
  • Back-End: 1
  • UI/UX: 1

Commitment: 10 hours each week

What do I need: Technical discussions (Design Architecture, Front-End) to help understand what is possible and how to think!

if you want to be universal how about talking to the global basic income network to make sure there aren’t a hundred other universal projects competing for mind-share

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@matslats link? or point of contact? any more information on this subject or direction…

Challenge we face at this present moment is in operation-alizing ideas… where does one start and how does one go about… for the value of any currency issued comes from its perceived ‘objective’ and ‘acceptance’ amongst user of such a currency and its token!!!

I think its worth doing a survey of the field. There are many projects out, many starting from blockchain, many which have participants. You might find you don’t have to start another one. You might find you’re able join and help an existing one. you might find holo offers no special advantage. You might find a org in need of software. You might find that software is the smallest part of what is essentially a political problem.

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