Why choose Holochain? (pitching excercise)

How would you describe Holochain in three to five sentences? Not to a fellow hacktivist or crypto enthusiast but to a potential investor?

Let’s say you are planning to build a multi stakeholder platform cooperative, a local first supply chain network on the mission to create thriving regenerative food systems. Something grand!

And… you really want to build on top of Holochain. How do you sell this choice to the potential investor.

Hi investor,

We chose Holochain as our backend for project X because it offers … [COMPLETE THE SENTENCE]

Holochain is a … [COMPLETE THE SENTENCE]

@pauldaoust @lucas.tauil @artbrock @ViktorZaunders @pospi @guillemcordoba and all other great writers in here, what is your best Holochain pitch?


I’ll try to formulate something, but in the mean time, did you see the slides that Gavriel put together on presenting to a CTO?

not exactly what you are looking for I think but might spur thought?

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@kristofer. Depends on your value proposition.

supply chain and IoT are perfect use-cases for Holo. It’s hard to break it down without knowing details of the project, however I can take a stab at an overall concept:

Blockchain = bad since it destroys earth by sucking enormous amounts of electricity
plus its unscalable
Proof of Stake (Ethereum) = bad since its the same system as now, $ = power
*technical: consensus mechanism is vulnerable to sybil attack.
Holo = build a customized network to suit your needs. require biometrics or other security features. use existing decentralized applications or find experts to design your own rules (DNA). Holofuel gets its value from being backed by cloud hosting ( each Holoport ‘node’ provides hosting service and in return generates fuel/$ )

Holo truly decentralizes the internet. It breaks up centralized buildings of servers and gives a little piece to individuals.

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Maybe these slides help? https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1ka4wa6PlcuwclJyfZnuutgYc4QWUw77bWPZomLVvcH0/edit#slide=id.ga8c4afd8ca_0_870

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We’re choosing Holochain as the backend for our project because it allows us to design the product as a fully distributed application, with all our users contributing a modest amount of their system resources to storing others’ data—fully encrypted, and at arbitrary redundancy. The backend becomes more responsive, resilient, and economical as the user base grows, allowing Holochain applications to achieve infinite scalability with essentially zero infrastructure investment. Holochain also provides ironclad tools for encryption and authentication of all shared data, which (combined with fully distributed storage) eliminates centralized servers and databases as targets for malicious attackers. Consequently the framework offers a dramatically lower risk of a costly user data breach.