Holochain Business Case for CTO's

Towards answering the question ‘what is the business case for Holochain?’ for a CTO.

Ideas were contributed by many attendees of the Hackathon.


Includes 3 diagrams:

  • Old Paradigm; ‘Current Reality Tree’
  • New Paradigm with Holochain; ‘Future Reality Tree’
  • Business Case Obstacles; ‘Pre-requisite Tree’

To be evolved.


Thank you so much for devoting your energy on this! It’s such a critical question to ask ourselves — why should someone care about Holochain? And of course the person we’re most concerned about is the person who has the power to make the decision to adopt it. Will give it a read.

Did this come from the Lisboa hackathon?


Yes it did! I believe this topic is vital as well and more discussion should be made around this topic :smiley:


@timebinder. Hey nice one! Thanks for making this and good to see you at the hackathon.


The video from the show and tell at the end: https://youtu.be/fQVVG7txlPk

@timebinder I enjoyed the presentation but was confused about two points: can you tell me more about the links and validation points, and the deficiencies you see in the way software is designed right now? Thanks!

Hi @pauldaoust, the links and validation points were loosely added based on the mix of conversations I had at the event. They are meant to suggest causal connections. Implications. Consequences. One thing leads to another. I believe a far more extensive study is warranted to build an accurate business case — including the ‘deficiencies in the way software is designed now’ as would be compared to the Holochain value proposition.