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Hi Everyone, Very glad to be here and meet you all,

Im a Cyber Security Graduate, who recently join a project, We have stumbled upon Holo, Which we are looking at how to implemented and build our Project with.

Loving all the work Holo has done and bringing all like minded people together. Looking forward to working with you all.


Hello Philip you met me in a physical group chat with Grant Leanartz about 2 years ago at the Blockchain centre in City Rd Melbourne. I don’t expect you to remember that. I am building a client centric Dapp that enables a persons competancy and life experience inventory to be easily compiled and used as an accelerator to boost best fit for much needed global innovations. We plan to fascilitate mediums of exchange that have no store of value and are easily redeemed through large scale node member offerings. Myself and my passionate team would love to have you in on a group chat once you have acclimatised to the intended outcome. We have looked around extensively and see holochain as the solution to our scaling potential. Warm Regards and looking forward to a chat soon. Colin


Hello my name is Eshan and I am 13 years old. I have just been recently introduced to Holochain a few weeks ago. I was intrigued by the fact that people could use independent hash chains to create fully distributed applications. I look forward to learning more about Holochain and expand my knowledge with this forum.


Hi all. My name is Mike, and I’m very excited to join this awesome community. If anybody needs a helping hand, please read my posts in my thread “Youvernance” (link in bio, I’m sure) and if you think I’d be a good match for anything, hmu.


Welcome, Eshan! What a tender age to join the distributed app space, awesome! What prompted your original interest in this space?


Hi everyone, I come from Indonesia. A curious researcher for my colleagues, my works is explore new technology universe and summarized them to my employer. now I landed in holochain universe and fall in love with it’s idea.

I come from statically typed language programming such as go and a little dart (flutter) for mobile app development. I was gratefull when knowing this project prototype in go. Now that I have infatuated by holochain idea, I will learn rust as well.

Currently try to start a holochain implementation for local community board and chat app in smart phone. Might also integrate IPFS to this project too, for storing CCTV recording. Can anyone guide me to a right direction for this (holochain for mobile application)?


My name is Cosmin and i’m from Romania. I’m member of xHumanity team which will build an adaptive social meadia system. I hope to find in holochain right system for our application.


Please say more about xHumanity?

First xHumanity comes from Extra-Humanity. The team has 6 members right now and in the near future another 3 will join us. Each of us has more than 20 years experience in IT/Networking/Software fields.

The main idea of our application is based on human values. More exactly we design an adaptive system based on trust. The concept of trust will be composed from reputation, reconciliation, emotions and truth. This first part of application will be realized like a framework for any other crypto chains.
Second part will be the economic one which will include among others a free marketplace and a new advertising system. In the end that will exist an DAO and of course AI.

We plan to start crowdfunding in September…so until now we need to decide chain(s) to use for our demo version.

Thank you!


Hi, I’m a web developer and looking to see if I can use Holochain for anything. Looks like interesting tech!


your project sounds amazing! glad to have you here :slight_smile:


Hey @everyone!
Happy to be here!

I am not so much into labels… I am Italian, professional musician (organist), have always been pretty much into IT, tech & research too.

For quite a long time I have been seeking for answers and solutions for our Social and Economic system, always being intrigued and attracted by alternative energy solutions, alternative medicine, and much more (see, the fact that we need to say “alternative” is already wrong, alternative to what? To the imposed nonsense?). :grin:

I have no solid background in programming, I am in fact very curious to start with something, and the blockchain world ticks many of my points, and the holo way even more. I am still looking around.

Happy to read, discuss and share, but even more to find other people, get together and do something!

Cheers from Denmark!


Welcome, Dario @alu,

You will have a great time looking at all the wonderful projects, and getting acquainted. There are wonderful people here, and beautiful visions.



Hello Everyone, :wave:

I am anil kumar from city of destiny Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh,INDIA.

I have just completed my graduation and i have joined my job as a intern working on holoChain concept, i am with beginner level programming skills on python and data analytic, data visualization concepts i am completely new to holochain i think holochain is easy to learn, and i am very happy to be a part of holochain community.

And who ever is new to holochain all the best :+1: to them.


Hello everybody,

     Myself, Anjana from India and I am an Indian. I had just now completed my graduation and recently joined as an Intern in Holochain project. I am very much eager to learn more and more about Holochain as I am a beginner. I hope this is the utmost best platform to improve the concepts of Holochain.

Cheers to all… :+1:


welcome @Anjana i hope you are in a right place.

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I am here to play with Holochain for my future project “Yoga4Aura” (elaborate this) and plan to release prototype in mid-august.


Hi everyone! I’ve long been a casual follower of complexity science and adaptive systems, which led to me stumbling upon Holochain late last year. I’ve been intrigued ever since, and decided to get started with the tutorials after listening to @artbrock’s interview on the Jim Rutt Show a few weeks ago.

My programming experience largely consists of developing scientific and numerical applications using languages like Python, Julia, Fortran and the C-family, plus some tinkering with Ardunio, FPGAs and embedded systems. Either way, I’m relatively new to the world of Rust and web development, so I’m excited to learn and contribute wherever I can!


Hello! I’ve been chipping in to the forum for a couple months now, but had not gotten around to introducing myself. I am a graphic designer and I’m startIng a designers’ DisCo to make the P2P/commons economy irresistible through the power of graphics.

So far it is just a personal project, made with a “build it and they will come” mindset and at its initial stage, but it feels great to be putting these principles into practice: http://anddesign.org

I’m looking forward to seeing holo grow!