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WARNING: New Scam for HOT

There is a new phishing scam for $HOT that originated on Substack.

There is NO Holochain Smart Contract Upgrade!

If you are a HOT holder you do not need to do anything. We’re not linking to the scam to limit its proliferation.

Always triple check BEFORE sending your HOT anywhere, no matter who (appears) to be asking for it.


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Please let us know if you received emails or saw this scam appearing beyond Substack.

I received the phishing email via “[email protected]”, even though I do not own any HOT. Nevertheless, it seemed plausible to me until I went to Substack and saw the warning there.

Sad. :frowning:


Thanks Scott!

@scott_pdx Would appreciate it if you could forward the phishing email please.

I’ll DM you my email address.

I have the same email i literally just joined to see if there was anything about it i could read. It looked pretty convincing. I still have it if you’d like but i think it’s the exact same email @scott_pdx mentions from the same email address

Thanks @mattsname. I’ll DM you my email.