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Thinking about attacks on HoloHost/HoloFuel

I was thinking about attacks on Holo Host, that aim to fraudulently generate holo fuel. Feel free to add your own imaginary attacks…

Can someone explain to me again, the validation rules of fuel transactions?

Say a transaction A to B.
If everyone is honest, the transaction is stored in its neighbourhood in the DHT, plus the updated headers are stored in the neighbourhoods of A and B respectively, correct?
From where to where are links added?
I would expect at least the following things to happen:
-A checks the integrity of B’s chain.
-A checks with B’s neighbourhood whether B’s header is up to date.
-B does the same for A.
-B additionally audits all transactions A received, checking whether they are stored correctly in their neighbourhoods.
-The neighbourhood of the transaction does the same as B.
-The neighbourhood of A checks the integrity of A, when it updates its header
-The neighbourhood of B checks the integrity of B, when it updates its header

What happens if some of the information cannot be found?
Especially in the audit step, say there is a past transaction C to A, that you do not find in the DHT. Who do you blame? :wink: