The Holochain App Survey

Hello, my name is Rob Lyon and I’m the Product Owner for the hApp team at Holo. I’m here with Hedayat Abeijoo, Holochain Community Organizer who led the DevCamp.

We’d like to invite you to fill out this survey to share about yourself and the specific needs of your projects, so we can get you the support you need.

Your responses will influence the roadmap for Holochain Core.

We’re also convening a working group between the hApp team and Projects in the Community to coordinate the building of the functions/modules/libraries/mixins that multiple projects need.

Please feel free to share this outside the context of the forum.

Kind regards,
Rob and Hedayat

Stay tuned for more from Hedayat on the virtual program we’re brewing to support you in building your hApp…


Hi Rob and Hedayat,
I filled in my holochain App Survey hope this will bring positive reactions.


Thank you Rion!! So far we’ve had a great response!! :slight_smile:

It would be helpful if you could share survey results or direct me to it, if its published. I understand some of the projects are private thus don’t anticipate to see those results. Not sure if I have filled it or not.

Under 100 hAPPs Rally thread I notice there around 16 projects listed. Thus it would also be helpful if you could share details regarding what percentage of team / survery entry these projects represent. This will help in guesstimating size of team / project in the works.

Note of appreciation for 100 hAPPs Rally initiative to get ball rolling and for organizing a devcamp, especially for someone who is a HoloPort owner, I am here in developers forum to understand what kind of application teams are building, so that I can potentially assess “Load Requirements”, “Value Propositions” for offering hosting capacity in return for Holo.

With time I think there will be more metrics one could observe in order to support Hosts in guiding their decisions on Hosting priorities, playing a role of bridge with HoloHostForum. Just a thought.

Hey guys,
did the survay too, we are in quite strong need for contacts, exchange and collaboration within the Holo community, we think our projects and ideas can bring big value, and our team is slowly gaining momentum. Hope we can expand and discuss, would be great to chat with some core devs for us to have a better vision about the next steps.
We love the HoloChain way and are convinced that it will enhance humanity.
Cheers and hope to hear from you!!