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Hey everyone,

I’m starting the thread on the SnapMail happ I demo’d today on the hackalong call.
The repos are here:

If you want to try it out in Holoscape, download the snapmail-release repo and add the bundle.toml as a local happ.

List of Holochain bugs/features missing for it to go furthur:

I’ll edit this post with more info later on.



Who wants a snapmail from me? I’m “bierlingm”.

It’s interesting, could you add a preview/screenshot in the snapmail-ui github and why not here as well?


my user name is “hedayat” I can’t see anybody in contact list.

Check now, I sent you a snapmail

EDIT: I got your acknowledgement!

Thanks, I have it. I send back a message.
But “Reply” button is disabled here. @ddd-mtl

Yup, I guess that’s to be built/enabled.

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Here’s another holochain problem to add to the list:

  • Updating multiple times a same entry in a single call gives inconsistent results

A tried to breakup a file attachment into multiple chunks that updates a file entry for each chunk but I don’t get the expected result. When I get the entry’s history its not what was sent. There are missing crud links.

Hey guys.

I managed to embed Snapmail as an electron app and did a release on windows and linux.
I haven’t written any documenation yet, but it does work on windows if you have wsl2 installed. Try it out if you dare:

I don’t have a Mac to test a Mac release but it should work if you clone the repo, add holochain & hc binaries and start electron locally.
You can change sim2h server url within the electron app.

Oh and one more thing… Snapmail can handle sub 1 MiB attachments now :slight_smile:


I’ve added a working Mac build to the release. Its not signed though.

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I just set up a bunch of new email accounts for a new business sigh… looking forward to weaving that into integrated environments. Thanks for all the work!

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