Possible application idea for medical records etc


I can see a few applications where digitally signing records by others would be extremely useful but I’m not sure Holochain implements privacy in a way that would work for some applications. I’ve only just recently started looking into Holochain so I could be entirely wrong.

For example, lets take Medical records as an example. A patient would only want their medical records available to the relevant people and not publicly available to everyone using the app, especially other patients. Appointments for hospital surgery could be submitted on the app and digitally signed by the patient so they can agree to the time and date etc. Perhaps it would even be possible to digitally sign entry to the hospital ward so that only the correct people are granted access at the correct place at the correct time etc. Also the patient may not want all medical records available to all medical staff etc.

So this may come down to a role management system which I’m not sure exists or not in Holochain.

Is something like this doable in Holochain?

Thank you :slight_smile:

@H0l0brain consider checking out this thread. Not sure if all your questions will be answered here. But surely will help fuel your thought processes.

I am a sociologist at the University of Torino (IT) and coordinator of the research team WiseLifeLab. We are committed to a project aiming to protect the community from the next wave of Covid-19 or other emergencies. Our protocol is currently based on tokenization and ethereum blockchain, but we wish to explore if other alternatives are available. We would appreciate a short videoconference of 20-30 minutes if possible.
Thank for your attention.

Vincenzo Giorgino

@Vincenzo welcome to the forum. Please introduce yourself on welcome thread don’t have to be detailed as you can always go back and edit it.

Regarding specific request - @hedayat @guillemcordoba @sidsthalekar any suggestions on how we could leverage someone doing tokenization from Ethereum world - interested in exploring Health related project angle.

Considering in our community we have @H0l0brain @burrr @ddd-mtl @bierlingm @luc having already shown some interest on Health tangent.

Though please note @Vincenzo is aiming for COVID second wave related project - so he may want something Fast! Not sure he could wait long or stay here in HoloChain world long enough to engage in exploring on Health tangent.

Thank you very much. I’ve had a quick look through it, at this stage I think I need to better understand the tech. I’ve done some of the tutorials but I know I’m barely scratching the surface.

Overview of Holo Ecosystem

Technical Paper

@H0l0brain Technical Paper describes technical details which should give an overview of technical blocks that makes up a holochain.

@H0l0brain Thank you for stimulating this discussion. Please take my comments with grain of salt as I am non-developer and my knowledge of technical nuances is only from attending hackalongs and in no way depicts accurate understanding.

Simple Answer: It boils down to your hAPP Bundle (i.e. pack of several interrelated hAPP) design

Detailed Answer: The design of your hAPP and the object permissions or the pattern you use within your Zome will dictate what gets shared and what doesn’t, also the relationship of one hAPP with another would further dictate how the interactions will happen between them.

For Example: In order to build a Medical Record Event (MER) hAPP one would first need a Person Identifier (PI) hAPP. This hAPP would only function as linkage to the Health Encounter Request (HER) hAPP, which would have to pull information from Physician Practice (PP) hAPP linked Practice Event Management (PEM) hAPP.


In short you would be treating each logical function or entity in the most modular fashion as possible.

The reason for this approach is not only from Business Logic Technical perspective, but also from Back End perspective, for Holochain framework at its heart have DHTs which are crowd hosted in Holo network with an aim to ensure that the Validation request response service is stable and available for hAPP user whose hAPP design requires Verification of another agent before developing a threaded relationship on that holochain of that hAPP.

Also remember HoloHost network is a service which hAPP builder will have to pay for using Holo, which will store redundant copies of your hAPP holochain DHTs, thus as a Product Owner one would have to understand clearly what information would they want secured on DHTs.

For DHTs are not traditional centralized database system, where you can store loads of legacy information, instead is a strategic resource at strategic points of the Health Encounter LifeCycle which would enable Health Information to be owned by the person to whom it belongs to, instead of Systems owned by Corporations.

Thank you very much, lots of content to digest there, much appreciated.

Definitely creating an app for this is an excellent solution. As for me it would be perfectly to implement it in a general custom hospital app. So all information and organization aspects (appointments and so on) would be in one place which is always at hand