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Please introduce nice books here!

Please introduce any nice book that help us to make our background stronger. It can be in any category from technical, culture, visionary, future, economy, energy, currency and etc.

To begin with, I highly recommend this book.
“Seeing Nature”
Autor: Paul Krafel

Seeing Nature

Please feel free to share your personal perspective about each book or chapter of it. Your insight can be one more gift to our community.


I am searching for a nice book about money and currency design to deep dive into the core concept of Mutual-Credit-Accounting and the future of economy and money in our societies. I found this book.

The End of Money and the Future of Civilization (Thomas H. Greco)

Is there anybody who read this book? Any recommendation?

Maybe @artbrock can help for finding the best sources about this topic.

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The millionaire next door

  • Thomas J. Stanley

Arthur recommend this book a while ago: https://www.amazon.com/Future-Money-Creating-Wealth-Wiser/dp/0712699910


Walkaway, by Cory Doctorow. I read it a few weeks ago on @zippy’s recommendation and loved it a ton. I discussed it with @maackle the other day and he said it was one of the reasons he went to the Holochain internship over a year ago.


I really recommend the book: Climate, a New Story
It’s a good re-calibrating of our thinking around climate and biosphere health. It’s published freely here or can be bought wherever.


And I also loved Seeing Nature @hedayat! +1 on that one.

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Oh, and I gotta throw in Debt: the first 5000 years too. It is a great read!


I’ll go with Antifragile: Things That Gain From Disorder:


To me, is one of those books that permanently change the way you look at your surroundings (in the broadest sense)

I also liked his book “The Bed of Procrustes”, which is a book of aphorisms related to his Incerto Collection.


thanks for this recommendation, on my reading list! I know charles eisenstein just from talks and videos but really like his approach of “changing the story”. This reminds me a lot of what Harari covered in his book “sapiens”, saying we are constructing most of our collecive reality (nationaities, government, money, economic “laws”) :slight_smile:

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I want to bump this one from Hedayat. It’s one of my favorites, and it’s been very influential for Art and Eric HB, and many other folks on the team.


It is a great book. Very practical with all the theoretical foundations explained clearly.

Free, Fair, and Alive: The Insurgent Power of the Commons

by David Bollier and Silke Helfrich


+1 only a third of the way through and enjoying it a bunch!

@bear you mentioned https://charleseisenstein.org/essays/the-coronation/ on last week’s business course call. I just found him quoted on https://kellybroganmd.com/why-the-current-moment-is-an-opportunity/ as follows. (PS. Kelly Brogan has become my new fave most quotable writer)

“A frightened public accepts abridgments of civil liberties that are otherwise hard to justify, such as the tracking of everyone’s movements at all times, forcible medical treatment, involuntary quarantine, restrictions on travel and the freedom of assembly, censorship of what the authorities deem to be disinformation, suspension of habeas corpus, and military policing of civilians. Many of these were underway before Covid-19; since its advent, they have been irresistible. The same goes for the automation of commerce; the transition from participation in sports and entertainment to remote viewing; the migration of life from public to private spaces; the transition away from place-based schools toward online education, the decline of brick-and-mortar stores, and the movement of human work and leisure onto screens.” -Charles Eisenstein


Kelly Brogan conversation with Eisenstein

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I second their conversations, great stuff!

There are two more on Charles podcast, https://charleseisenstein.org/podcasts/new-ancient-story-podcast/

Many other stellar conversations there too


Thanks for the great links, here’s one from me that’s challenged my brain and opened up my mind to the potential of fully decentralised technologies:

Becoming Virtual, Reality in the Digital Age By Pierre Levy

I discovered this book back in 2005 when I was staying in Toronto for a while and wandering around a second hand bookshop. I discovered since the author Pierre created and is building a computational language for collective intelligence called “IEML” - Information Economy Meta Language (see Semantic computing with IEML | Pierre Levy's Blog for background and https://twitter.com/plevy for updates). When I think about the potential of Holochain & IEML working together it blows my mind, so I tend not to too much unless I have some idea of a way forward, like a project opportunity, or mentioning it here again :wink:

Paragraphs like this helped me understand things better:

“The virtual should, properly speaking, be com­pared not to the real but the actual. Unlike the possi­ble, which is static and already constituted, the virtual is a kind of problematic complex, the knot of tenden­cies or forces that accompanies a situation, event, ob­ject, or entity, and which invokes a process of resolution: actualization. This problematic complex be­longs to the entity in question and even constitutes one of its primary dimensions. The seed’s problem, for ex­ample, is the growth of the tree. The seed is this prob­lem, even if it is also something more than that. This does not signify that the seed knows exactly what the shape of the tree will be, which will one day burst into bloom and spread its leaves above it. Based on its in­ternal limitations, the seed will have to invent the tree, coproduce it together with the circumstances it en­counters.”

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I highly recommend this book: Scarcity: Why Having Too Little Means So Much

Eldar Shafir
Sendhil Mullainathan



Here are some that have been important to me:

Stafford Beer, Platform for Change
Gregory Bateson: Mind and Nature, & Steps Toward an Ecology of Mind
David Abrams: The Spell of the Sensuous, & Becoming Animal