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Nix on MacOS Catalina

Upgrading to Catalina last night seems to have destroyed my Nix installation :frowning:

Be aware of this when upgrading! I think there will be a solution, but people are just sorting it out, so it might be a hassle!

So far I’ve found:

Ok, so it didn’t take too long. For a ‘single user installation’ I followed these instructions.

The ‘spaces / tab’ thing did get me, so really do watch out.

Thanks for the heads up @Connoropolous. Do you think it’s worth waiting?

Yeah, I’d be wary @freesig … I had additional problems with libsodium (low level crypto libs) compiling too. Got myself into this additional mess afterwards:

But between the two resources you should be able to pull it off if you set aside a whole morning/days worth of time to make updates.

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I hope you didn’t follow my lead because I’ve been running into issues (as some people warned I might in the thread). I’ve had to backtrack, and instead take THIS approach to it.


My instructions/approach to libsodium linking before did NOT work!

My new solution is…

(after following THESE instruction https://libsodium.gitbook.io/doc/installation#compilation-on-unix-like-systems)

add this to my .profile bash profile


and don’t use these: RUST_SODIUM_LIB_DIR=~/Downloads/libsodium-1.0.17 RUST_SODIUM_SHARED=1

Just livestreaming my debugging process now… :frowning:

I thought it worked, but actually …

holochain -c ./conductor-config.toml
Using config path: ./conductor-config.toml
Reading DNA from /Users/connor/code/hbe/acorn/dna-src/dist/dna-src.dna.json
Unlocking agent keys:
Unlocking key for agent 'hc-run-agent':
Reading keystore from ./key.key
Segmentation fault: 11

so the failing test in the test suite of libsdium DID mean something.

I got it work using this version of libsodium: