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Library zome examples?

Hi, I recently worked through the tutorials — very well written btw!

The thing I’m most interested in is building a library that is used by other apps. Can anyone point me to simple® examples of library zomes being consumed by other happs/zomes?

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heh, funny you should ask; there are some lively discussions going on re: that very topic. Would love your presence if this is something you want to help work on.

As for existing modules, this anchors module shows some of the patterns being discussed in the first thread I mentioned. Best practices are currently in flux, because there are some namespacing issues (that is, total lack of automatic namespacing) that appear to require framework-level support, so we need to think about how to actually build this.

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Thanks @pauldaoust! I will take a look and contribute if I can. :slight_smile:

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