How to use sim1h

Hello, I want to use sim1h in order to test networking.

I’ve been following the instructions, but I’m stuck here

Do we have to install dynamo ourselves? I used a nix shell and the dynamo seems to not have been installed.

I’m thinking you have a less recent nix-shell that’s running… update to a latest version and you should find dynamo as a command in the nix-shell. It’s worked for me

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Thanks Connor, is there anything as a force update? I’ve been running plain old

Hi Jonatan
There are several ways you can control the nix version. should give you the latest version, but if that is not working, you can manually use a certain version:
You can see the different examples typed out in the second recording window.

For me the most useful are:

Downloading into the root folder is very helpful while developing a happ, so you stay on one version and don’t have to deal with breaking changes every week. Of course, later you need to update. And it’s faster than downloading the version archive every time.