Developing offline

I have spent an hour searching github and this forum for instructions / guidelines on how to develop and test holochain apps OFFLINE. Imagine you are in a park or on the beach hotspotting to your mobile with a shitty data plan… and you type nix-shell … upgrade kicks in and you might as well give up then.

so with some credit to @raphisee for posting vital info on this here:

here are some more detailed instructions to save you time and a high blood pressure (assuming you have done the nix install etc):

  1. download the latest holonix from
  2. go to the directory where you want to develop you holochain app unzip the directory and rename to something like holonix0038.
  3. move out the example.config.nix and example.default.nix to the root of development directory and rename example.default.nix to default.nix
  4. edit the example.config.nix file:
  • set use-github to false
  • change the local.path to the name you set for the holonix dir eg ./holonix0038
  1. save changes and then run nix-shell from the development directory…

The first time it might download the corresponding holochain-conductor to your machine… after that everytime you do nix-shell … you will not need to be online. You can then go ahead and create your holochain app in that directory.


Thank you for taking the time to share this solution! Mind if I move it to the ‘learning library’ section?

sure… perhaps in multiple places?

You know, I’m not sure I can do that without cross-posting, which our forum software gets grumpy about :slight_smile: but I put it in the howtos section cuz that’s what it feels like. Feel free to move it if you feel like there’s a better category!