HOLOCHAIN NFT FOUNDATION: Let’s set the standard for NFT 3.0!

Holochain is the future of the internet/applications and NFTs are the future of everything else: art, music, games, movies, collectables and ownership titles to cars/real estate, etc. Combining the two will finally make NFTs truly decentralized!

If you would like to learn more about NFTs on Holochain, here are two articles written by Holochain developers:

Paul d’Aoust:

Josh Zemel and Arthur Brock:

Benefits of Holochain NFTs:

  1. Reliably supports non-fungibility: No need for a traditional smart contract to make it unique!

  2. Low computing and storage load: Less energy used = better for the environment and no/little need for NFT gas fees!

  3. Can Store the Actual Digital Work: video, art, music etc is stored IN the NFT unlike Ethereum NFTs that are just blockchain links TO an image, etc on someone else’s server!

We must ensure that all NFTs made using Holochain use the same standard and are interoperable with all future Holochain NFT wallets, marketplaces, etc.
To facilitate this I am creating the HOLOCHAIN NFT FOUNDATION. Our goal is to bring Holochain NFT developers and users together to agree on a set of standards for what should be included in the Holochain NFT standard.

If you are a Holochain NFT developer, want to develop Holochain NFT software or are someone who wants to mint Holochain NFTs please introduce yourself and let us know your thoughts on what should be included in the Holochain NFT standard and what sort of project you are working on/want to work on.

A little about me:
My name is Jonathan, I’m an artist, maker and entrepreneur.

I’m the creator/Executive Director of the NFT Census: We are surveying NFT artists, collectors/investors, galleries and curators to gather data on the NFT economy to help provide actionable data to artists, collectors and investors to help them perform better.

I am also the founder and CEO of NFT Wonderland: a future Holochain NFT art marketplace, gallery and social community open to everyone.
One of our goals is to help creatives and businesses take advantage of a truly decentralized NFT ecosystem, we will be offering a free open-source Holochain NFT minter and wallet along with the source code to help encourage wide adoption of Holochain NFTs.

If you would like to work with us on NFT Wonderland, we are currently looking for developers, send me a message if interested.


P.S. I want to thank Paul d’Aoust for taking the time to answer any questions I’ve had on Holochain and the potential for Holochain NFTs, you have been very helpful!


Hey Jonathon, cool initiative! Looking forward to see how it evolves.

Do you have thoughts on this thread?


Jonathan, I love this idea. Do you know about PowerDaDa at dada.art? They are the only group I know of working with NFTs and Holochain. Seems like they should definitely be a part of your conversation. Are you on twitter? I’d be happy to follow you and promote your tweets about Holochan based NFTs.

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You bring up a lot of good points and I mostly agree with you but the term NFT and digital art are now forever intertwined in the public conscious. If we were to call it something else, there wouldn’t be the instant recognition of what it is which I believe would hurt it’s adoption as the future NFT standard.

I think at the very least we need to refer to them as Holochain NFTs, Holo NFTs or hNFTs(like hAPPS) to set them apart from Ethereum based NFTs.

There are many legitimate problems with current NFT technology and with how they are used but after reading anti-NFT forum post after forum post on Reddit and elsewhere it seems that people who complain about NFTs the loudest would hate them even if they were perfect because they don’t believe digital art is worth anything, that all NFT artists are scammers and the entire NFT industry is one big pyramid scheme.

Yes, I have reached out to them about this project.

Yes we are! https://twitter.com/HolochainNFT


Hi Jonathan. I’ve followed the account recently. I think the account may have many Turkish followers in the future. So you may need some Turkish content about NFTs on Holochain in case of Turkish community ask for information. I want to share Turkish translation of this article mentioned above: Blokzinciri Değil; Holochain, NFT İçin İdeal Bir Teknolojidir | by RaiTurk | Mar, 2022 | Medium

Thank you!


Thank you!

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