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Holochain Job Board

Was just wondering if it would make sense to have/make a Holochain job board. As in, a place for Holochain devs to show of their work (portfolio) and potential clients to look for devs. This could help devs to get motivated to start learning to develop (h)apps, since there is a community/market for it.

Some questions:

  • Isn’t it too early for this?
  • Should this be running on Holo(chain).
  • Who should build this?
  • How would it integrate/modulate with other projects.

A centralized version should be done in a couple of weeks and could be ported over to Holo(chain) once it is fully functional.

I would signup, because I want to design/build stuff, and have opportunities to get paid and work with others. I imagine portfolios; collabs; jobs and crowdfunding.


I just installed Nix and Holochain on my Dell. I’m hoping to develop my coding skills for this platform.


Agreed on Job Board. It would help my group get started with some test exercises and starting to find the right energetic matches for prospective projects.