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Holo-REA and unenclosability?

How does unenclosability relate to Holo-REA?

Evolution from:
Black box Corporate ERP systems > P2P transparent REA Open Value Network?

Where is the unenclosability? :sweat_smile:

I’m most curious about perspectives from @pospi @lynnfoster, yet I am happy for others to jump on this thread too if they want to share theirs

Follow up question:

How does bridging work and how do Zomes and DNA’s work here? In a Holo-REA app, what is the difference between the use of them? Compared to a centralized Ruby on Rails/MVC ERP app, what are the changes, and the new opportunities of modularity?

I enjoyed the pdf with the slides of the cake recipe, and wonder if it could be enhanced by a comparison to how corporate ERP systems work today? To show what is used today, and how it could be done in an open P2P way.

E.g. evolution/transition from:

Corporate-IKEA -> OVN-IKEA


Corporate-iPhone -> OVN-iPhone


Corporate Supermarket/Food store -> ONV Supermarket?

What internal systems changes are required, and in the way we work, in these examples?

I personally find having the old system contrasted with the new system to be the most clear. Often times there are structures i have not met in todays corporatized world, but that we will likely become more proficient in, in a Commons based society. In this way I learn both how it is done behind guarded walls today, as well as how the intent (or expected output) of these systems is carried over, but how the delivery/production method is changed.

Not sure I totally understand the question, but I’ll give it a try. I think of encloseability in relation to commons. Assuming you are not talking about code, but the actual resources being coordinated and accounted for using Holo-REA, then the question goes much farther than Holo-REA’s influence. A black box corporate ERP system could use Holo-REA. But Holo-REA does provide mechanisms you won’t find in traditional ERP systems that directly support and encourage open networks or cooperatives or other forms that go beyond capitalist organizational structures and relations - as well as new yet-to-be-thought-of experimentation in that direction, I think.

That doesn’t mean commons coordinated through Holo-REA can’t be enclosed. Seems like a separate political power and governance issue? Which Holo-REA is again agnostic about, except that it provides very flexible relationship structures for people and organizations, so gives the possibility. And will I think in the future provide more direct support for value equations and other economic governance.

How does bridging work and how do Zomes and DNA’s work here?

Above my pay grade, @pospi is the right person, but there was actually some discussion yesterday here Modularity Hackalong: Bridging - what's the best way to do it? What new dimensions does it open? 🌈 🔥 🙂.

What internal systems changes are required, and in the way we work, in these examples?

This sounds like it would take a book with several authors. :slight_smile:


thanks for your responses Lynn!