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Holo on Raspberry Pi?


It just crossed my mind that seeing as there appears to be a shortage on holo ports, would it be possible to run the holochain software/apps on a Raspberry Pi?

Thank you again.

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You can run Holochain software/apps on lots of architectures, the issue with holo ports is a difference as I understand it, it’s because they want to launch on known hardware in order to be able to provide a certain level of service before then opening up to non-“official” hardware.

That doesn’t stop anyone downloading the code and creating their own hosting service, it just won’t be holo.host and won’t have use of the hosting currency being created, well not on their service but you could utilise the concepts.

YMMV, IANAL, YOLO, etc. :wink:

Meanwhile, as I understand it this is the latest Raspberry Pi play that I’ve seen on the forum:

I think it’s worth trying to preemptively clarify some confusion you might have: HoloPorts are only (currently) necessary to participate within the Holo Hosting network. Running an application built with the Holochain framework can be done on many types of computers (and based on @stephenbpurkiss’s link, some have already accomplished this on RaspberryPi).

Point being: Holo Hosting is a hosting network for Holochain apps, but Holo != Holochain. An analogy: Holochain == Node.js && Holo Host == AWS, if that helps you understand it better.

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