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Raspberry pi


Wondering if anyone managed to have holochain working on a pi or similar 64bit ARM-based computer?

Hi @ddd-mtl! So I tried and tried with the rpi model 4,but nix doesn’t support it :sob: (issue). I even built nix from source with no luck, I’d always bump into some issue. What model do you have?

I don’t have any yet.
Holochain only works on 64bit systems anyway so only a RPi 3 or 4 would work.
But according to the issue thread you shared (thanks!), some people managed to have NixOS working on a RPi 4.

Yeah yeah, I actually managed to install it, and then I on nix-shell holochain.love, I got an error building some derivation (never got than on my laptop) , and couldn’t figure it out… Maybe you have more luck, if you do ping me!

oh okay.
Have you tried without nix? Just grabing and building holochain-rust on debian directly?