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Wondering if anyone managed to have holochain working on a pi or similar 64bit ARM-based computer?

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Hi @ddd-mtl! So I tried and tried with the rpi model 4,but nix doesn’t support it :sob: (issue). I even built nix from source with no luck, I’d always bump into some issue. What model do you have?

I don’t have any yet.
Holochain only works on 64bit systems anyway so only a RPi 3 or 4 would work.
But according to the issue thread you shared (thanks!), some people managed to have NixOS working on a RPi 4.

Yeah yeah, I actually managed to install it, and then I on nix-shell holochain.love, I got an error building some derivation (never got than on my laptop) , and couldn’t figure it out… Maybe you have more luck, if you do ping me!

oh okay.
Have you tried without nix? Just grabing and building holochain-rust on debian directly?

i’m curious to know if you tried it with Raspbian or with Ubuntu, on your rpi4? (or another distro?)

edit: it would be awesome to get this working, as then a new holochain node could be really cheaply started (or just one to test things with locally). i’m not technical enough (I’m a beginner web dev) to judge whether it’s worth it at this point to focus on making it compatible with rpi and other ARM computers (so take it with a grain of salt)


I tried a month or so ago with raspbian, with little luck. It seems that some dependency that holochain core is using doesn’t support aarch or arm architectures, so I couldn’t get it to compile. It seems that to support it holochain would have to either drop that dependency or included with some feature that enables these architectures. Didn’t do much investigation though, so maybe there is a workaround that I didn’t find. For now I’ve switched to using my holoport :slight_smile:

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Hey @zeemarx @ddd-mtl and I think @bierlingm was also interested,

I got it to compile! Actually I didn’t do anything special, I think the holochain core team just dropped the dependency that was breaking things.

So here you have a docker image that will work in a raspberry pi 4:



Interesting thanks. So it means it could also run on mobile now, no?

Huh interesting, I don’t know. Last I heard the core team had other concerns with mobile, like the os killing holochain because too much background activity. Don’t know if that has advanced though.

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I believe you can install Android on a Rpi 4. So I’d say the next step would be to try holochain on that.
I’ll try to do that once I get my hands on one.

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I’d love to run HC on this for lots of physical process applications