Help wanted to setup the holo port

hi all i just started with holochain and i,m stilll learning .
now i got a holo port but i need to set it up can mayb one of the devs follow me true with this. would be great he is already done the . but its now saying started holo-nixpkgs-auto-upgrade.serice

and i wait but after 30 minuts still nothing .

thanks for your help .



This is the forum for your question:

here is the message on the screen

this is the light color i got

hi @anton thnx .

@gerrit did you find what you were looking for?

If you are still looking for help read my post on holoport registration which was posted under “HoloHost” section of the forum.

Please feel free to ping me on posts if you need help or participation, as I am also new to this and trying to figure out the inner workings of holochain myself, especially considering I am not a Developer :wink:

@lucas perhaps you could connect with @gerrit ?

Hello @carolyn that would be great .

thank already