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Gamified-Reading RPG game, I think Holochain could be an interesting avenue to explore

First of all, I come from a filmmaking background. I have developers working in Unity, student age. Bright and filled with potential.

I am preparing a grant budget, I am hoping to secure some funding to explore this. It will not make sense to just throw my devs into a whole new environment, so, I am looking for someone to:

1- Discuss the realities of holochain dev, if there even is any good way of implementing Unity games onto it, and what that would entail of.

2- Potentially the person who could aid us in bringing it to fruition. Contingent upon getting the funding of course, but our deadline is the 20th and I would rather have a name of a potential collaborator than just “Person to Develop and Test Holochain Infrastructure”

So, please reach out!


have you read this thread? HoloNET & HoloUnity (.NET & Unity Holochain Clients) @dellams is probably best for you

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no i hadnt seen it thank you!

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Thank you for the mention, appreciated. :slight_smile: :heart:

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I have given an update in the HoloNET/HoloUNITY thread @Wladoo mentioned… :slight_smile:

PM you… :slight_smile: