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Expected Realities of Holochain in Gaming and App Stores

I am brand new to Holochain, did a lot of research, everything looks very promising, and certain features of it make it seem very interesting to me for my project, Necronomignon, a cross-platform game that we imagine will be most active on mobile.

I am definitely a layman in terms of coding and development, more on the production and art side, but Holochain got me thinking and I would like to know what the pros think about certain assumptions I am having, from a pretty ignorant point of view.

1- With the node system that ensures that everyone is accepting the same rules, does this mean that a game that utilizes Holochain would be automatically pretty cheating/hacking safe?

It seems to me that it could be the case, because if someone had used some sort of cheat engine or hack, the ones hacking would just be automatically tagged and removed from interacting in the environment due to the Gossip System?

2- Unity, the engine we are using, can export games out for HTML browsers. In that sense, does that mean implementing into it Holochain would be as straightforward? Or would the game have to be specifically developed with being an hApp from the get go?

3- Do you foresee the Play Store and App store even allowing Holochain apps on their platforms?

4- If they might, does the nature of Holochain go directly against their payment requirements as listed in section 3.1 of the Guidelines?

5- If Holofuel or a game specific Holocoin was used as the “gems” for microtransactions (don’t worry these ones are basically books and not chance based :p) in the game, would that seem to invalidate the pay requirements? If there was a way to cash out or transfer, it seems like it might? Similar to how Coinbase doesn’t have that issue.

6- Would holochain complicate any features that are considered standard in gaming? Performance perhaps?

7- Overall, if games were to be made into hApps, would browser-based make the most sense?


1, 2, 6:


Hell, no! No one wants to beg to those douchebags! I’m for the most part a huge supporter of Tim Sweeney; he’s got a solid argument against them already. Anyway, I think Holochain is more like “replacing” and “overthrowing” those monopolistic platform-owners and giving the device owner the sovereignty they have always deserved. Anyway, even technically, holochain apps on Mobile phones have still got a long way to go…

4, 5.

Obviously! But why would you want to use their payment methods, hell even their currency!

Check out Vril


I think I once said something on that…

I look ahead for a time when browsers would expose everything (CPU, GPU, disk, system-services, thread-spawnability, etc), when opening a URL would be the same as downloading a game and running it natively on one’s machine, when all running apps would be running safely in their sandboxes (kinda like docker, but for UIs), when an operating system would be nothing but this browser-style docker-style sandboxing tool for internet apps…

As for your question, there’s no strict requirement for a game to be browser-based to be able to utilize a Holochain-backend; all you need to do is open a websocket connection with the conductor running the backend instance of your game.

Anyway, thanks for asking, Capricorn Studios. I hope you like this reply from Virgo Studios; haha!


I do! A lot! Won’t deny that it’s basically Dutch to me but yeah.

Fortunately the game I am developing can be considered a Reading App due to our unprecedented methodology.

Might be the best to go the Netflix route where the user creates has to create an account on the Netflix website not the app, and then the app is basically a shortcut to the browser game.

Or, have all purchases come with delivered email 3D printing files for them to print at home outside of app functionalities ;p