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"Real time" in Holochain games

Hi everyone

I’m thinking about how HC could be used for game development. I remember the chess prototype that ran with the Go version ^^ but unfortunately pure turn-based game raise some limits to gameplay.

Do you think it would be possible to implement real-time contraint, even if it was a bit slow ? Just enforcing a fixed time (let’s say 1 minute) for each turn would be a great achievement, and would be way closer to a RTS experience. The fact that validation of the actions would be slower in a P2P setting could even be incorporated into the gameplay imho (the time your colony takes to spread and hear the message you just sent).

I really feel the holon idea behind HC could lead to great experiments in co-creating virtual realities, but imho the “real time” factor, where time advances without anyone playing, is a major part of that gameplay.

What do you think about it ?