DevCamp #7

DevCamp is back!

Our next session of the 6 week, community-run online Holochain Developer training is starting on July 28th.

There will be 2 sessions every week on Tue & Thu. First session starts at 2020-07-28T13:30:00Z.

Who is it for:

  • developers with decentralized app ideas who are looking for an appropriate platform & framework;
  • developers who want to try Rust but don’t have an interesting project to use it in;
  • developers who want to improve their architecture & system design skills by learning about different ways to build scalable systems;
  • rust developers looking for interesting projects.

What we’ll be working on:

We’ll develop a small app called LeaP (Learning Pathways) with udemy-like functionality, where people can publish their courses and enroll in existing ones.

Tech stack:

  • Rust
  • GraphQL

Topics include:

  • basics of rust / rust for Holochain
  • dev environment configuration
  • Holochain app architecture
  • app building blocks
  • Holochain ecosystem
  • deployment process

How does it work?

During the devcamp, participants will learn how to write a Holochain application, going from the design phase all the way to the deployment. Each week, there will be two live sessions that are recorded and posted to a private devcamp group on the Forum. Participants will be able to submit their development homework for a code review and are encouraged to ask questions and discuss new concepts in the Forum group.

Cost: Free

Apply here:

DevCamp7 team: @f00bar42 @qubeo @sidsthalekar @akirawakabayashi @tats_sato @martin


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What would the expected workload be? (like 6h every day or …?)

DevCamp sound really interesting, but before applying/participating, I would like to know what I’m exactly commiting to, also out of respect for you guys organising it!

hey @th1j5, that’s a good question :slight_smile:

Workload would be split into two parts:

  1. 3 hours per week for 2 sessions (each 1.5 hours);
  2. time that will be spent processing new knowledge, doing the homework and learning more about Holochain in general.

I’m cautious about giving estimates for p2 because it will vary from person to person, but I think you would feel comfortable allocating 6-10 hours per week in total.

Hope this helps!


Helped enough to apply :slight_smile:


Do we know (Day and Time) when will those 2 sessions be organized and how big will the group be?

yes, there will be sessions every Tue & Thu at 01:30 PM UTC.
As for the group size, the registration is still open so we don’t know yet how many people will be there. We’ll see!

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Hai Everyone I Enrolled for this course .But i didnt get any reply from the team.

hey Anjana, we’ll be reaching out to the applicants soon.

Thankyou for your information @e-nastasia

I have a similar question to Anjana… Just submitted my application yesterday, did I make the deadline? :slight_smile:

hey @shen-shen, yes, applications are still being accepted :slight_smile:

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Hey DevCamp7 team and recruits. I’m here and ready for the fun.

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I suspect that the Devcamp7 team will tell us everything, but do you guys have a preferred platform/environment for us students? (Win 10? macOS? Linux - of what flavor? other?)

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Hey @snacey! Yes, we recommend using Unix system, so MacOS or Linux would be optimal. I don’t think there are restrictions on the Linux distribution that we recommend so you can use the one you prefer. If you don’t have a preference – just try Ubuntu, it’ll be enough :slight_smile:
And for MacOS we have a thread with at least one detailed environment description here: MacOS environment configuration - #2 by faly

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Great! I’ve been playing with Holochain on Ubuntu so far. I’ll use that! Thanks and see you soon.

I didnt get any conformation message about this camp till now.

Hi. I registered on the 24th but, except for the auto-confirmation message, I have received no further info and do not know any details abt how to join tomorrow…

Please provide some guidance.