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@nphias, @friedger, @lchang, @ViktorZaunders, @guillemcordoba -

Y’all want to do a call on this this week?

I would love to see this move forward, and think a discussion could make a big difference.

This Thursday the 12th at 3pm UTC work?

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Works for me!

yeah, @bear, it feels like such a direct need for most communities. What galvanized me was that we are likely to start running an event space in the village I live in and by the time we get access to the space I sure hope this would be available. That gives us 6 months :slight_smile:

And I’d love it if people look at this as a draft as something to question, learn from and iterate on. I already had this feedback from @guillemcordoba (hope you don’t mind me sharing here):

So I’ve put some thought onto this and I think this is a great start, however I’d approach things a little different

For starters I’d break it down into 4 zomes: events, resources, bookings, and tickets
bookings are reservations of resources for an event

And tickets depend only of events

I wouldn’t actually assume anything about the nature of the resource

And I am sure there is lots of things to improve.

I can’t do Thursday but I can do Friday, or you folks get started without me here.

It’s a pretty word hey? A little fancy with slightly difficult spelling perhaps, but sometimes we gotta just say funk efficiency :peacock:

Very nice, @ViktorZaunders! Thank you for putting in all the work and sharing your thinking and design. Lots of discussions, learning and patterns and reusable code could come out of building this app! Thank you :slight_smile:

Friday same time would work better for me. I can do Thu also. Thanks!

2PM UTC or earlier would work better for me. For both days.

From the UI perspective, I’d like to use . Working on this could also result in a reusable ember-holochain adapter

Some screenshots:

This is more focused towards groups. The booking part could be either a separate app or part of the admin section. The nice thing about holo is that you can install two apps and work on the same data, can’t you?


Alright, y’all, invite sent for Thursday at 2:30 pm UTC.

Splitting the difference @friedger, because it’s early in the morning for me and I want some sleep : ).

Look forward to seeing y’all then!

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My bad, didn’t see Viktor’s comment about availability. Rescheduled to next Tuesday at the same time, that work for y’all?

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good with me… got a lot going on but will definitely drop in… i see some very useful patterns emerging

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In the medium post about the terran collective and Hylo they also state that included in the high-priority features they are working on is:

Events: public and private options, ticketing, attendee lists, communication with attendees and community calendars.

maybe someone from there is useful to have in the conversation? @bear


Love this idea!

The vision you shared in the HackMD document is great. I appreciate your focus on design! Here’s a an article I really love that might be interesting or helpful to you around getting to a minimum testable > minimum usable > minimum lovable product. minimum testable product

For me and this app, considering minimum testable… I wonder how quickly you could build something for a user to create an event, have all users see the events and have other users be able to join an event. Thoughts?


This is a good question and idea. I’ll do some checking to find out who that might be, though, if they’re in California, the time we’ve scheduled is going to suck for them.


Most of them are in California Bay Area. But they’re a large enough group that is is possible some might be traveling. I’ll reach out for you and connect with Bear to ensure all deets are detailed. :wink:


It would be cool if it has functionality like Kickback, where you have to register with some kind of currency and then you get the money back if you attend (plus a percentage of the money of people who didn’t show up). This allows the even to still be free but have some skin in the game if you don’t show.


So I spoke with Aaron from Terran Collective and their priority is to keep the old communities and central platform going, so they’re not going to building anything with Holochain for at least 6 months, but, they’ll be sharing things they build with our community to build relevant backend parts on Holochain starting soon, so that’s where the possible connection point is.

It’s true that the events module is one of the priorities in the their log, so they’ll be working on the centralized version of it in the not-too-distant future. Aaron expressed interest in this project and I invited him to the meeting next week to get connected.

Looking forward to it.


Interesting. Nothing indicating that they’re looking to move things in a more open direction, unfortunately/not-surprisinglingly-

By extension of, and in addition to, this thread, a highly complimentary hApp would be co-working space management, AKA “HoloWork” – a mutual-credit-enabled, distibuted WeWork alternative.

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I am working on a meetup variant, but instead of physical meetups, it will be based on virtual/webrtc meetings. Lots of fun and still have tons of stuff to do. Hopefully the MVP will be production ready within a couple of months.

My (long term) goals are:

  • Make organizing online events easy and accessible.
  • Offer different structures/protocols for different types of events.
  • Allow organizers to charge for their events.
  • Offer tools to support & coordinate (offline) groups and events.
  • Use the platform as an on-ramp to the Holochain eco-system.
  • And a bunch of other stuff :slight_smile:

One of the things I would like to play with, is how statistics and (open) data can be visualized within the app itself. Just to give users another way to navigate and contribute to making sense of meta stuff.

Currently, I am bootstrapping and looking for people to have a look when the web-app is ready. If you are interested, please use this form:

The initial app will be created on centralized tech. If people find it cool; use it and are willing to fund/collaborate to build a bridge to Holochain. I am all ears :slight_smile: