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Alternative to meetup.com

I think this may be a superset of Viktor’s dinner carousel
but apparently closed source meetup.com has been acquired by some corrupt corporate who is threatening to charge rsvp users $2


Yes! Core functionality of any group. Check out scuttlebutt SCRY for interface and design inspiration!


Has there been any work done here?

I don’t know of any updates to this app idea. If no one has started anything on this yet, how about creating a list of functionality that this app should have in the first version (initial scope)?

I’d like to see

  • organizer can create a group
  • member can join a group
  • organizer can create an event for a group
  • members are informed about the event
  • members can join an event
  • organizer (and members?) can see the list of members of an event

Maybe later one

  • members stake some tokens when joining an event
  • organizers confirm attendance and thereby release the tokens
  • tokens from members that did not attend are send to the organizer

There are some existing open source UIs for such an app:


Thanks @friedger

Can anyone be an organizer or a member?
members are informed about the event - how should they be informed?
member joining an invent - register for an event ahead of time right?
Do you want to disallow a member register for multiple events that happen at the same time?
see the list of members of an event (what info do they see? names? handles?)

Just thinking out loud what other than basic CRUD & links are needed to support your first list of functionality.

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Good questions, here are my naive thoughts about them:

Yes, absolutely, and anyone can be both.

Ideally, there is a messaging service described in the DID document that belongs to the user. (https://w3c.github.io/did-core/#example-15-various-service-endpoints)

Yes, that is what I meant.

Interesting rule. Does the society would agree on this? Currently, it is common to have overlapping commitments (reading facebook while having coffee with a friend). Probably the majority would find such a rule too restrictive. However, would it be possible that this is a property of an event or group? A group could decide that attendees are not to allowed to register for the event if they have already a commitment or are removed from the list if they commit to another event for the same time.

For humans, I would say they can see names. I am not sure how the identity system work on holochain, maybe users can define a new identity for each group.