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Official and community-contributed tutorials and sample apps that teach you how Holochain works.

Contribution guidelines

  • Read the general Learning Library contribution guidelines.
  • Format your code samples nicely; remember to tag code blocks with the language, e.g., ```rust.
  • Tutorials and examples are meant to teach by example. If your resource explains how to solve a particular problem, post it in #learning-library:recipes-howtos instead.
  • Use these tags to categorize your resource:
    • A #tutorial is a step-by-step lesson on how to create a simple app. It’s written in a narrative style, speaking directly to the reader. It contains explanations of why behind the steps.
    • An #example is a reference application that shows how to use a particular feature or implement a particular pattern. It’s packed full of code comments to help the reader understand your design choices.

List of Tutorials (#wip) to help understand core Holochain Concepts.

Those who are new to holochain consider reading holochain core concepts and for returning learners can start diving into new tutorials as they become available.

Consider reporting bugs associated with tutorials with #bug tag in Tutorials & Examples stream to keep it tidy for newcomers and rookies like myself.

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do all the tutorials below simple microblog tutorial also have links? where can i find them?

@spirit - welcome to the forum - these tutorials are Work In Progress

If you havent done so I would recommend checking past Virtual Hackalongs videos and participate in these weekly sessions when possible.

@pauldaoust - looping you here assuming you are the owner.

  • Is this effort current or has it been put on shelf ?
  • Time frame when we can expect to see this completed ?
  • Who is the designated owner ?

Hi, I’m guessing this is some of the stuff that will be useful to map in Holomap?

Please can you also add me to relevant threads? You seem familiar with the forum so I guess you can get me where I need to be quickly.

Also, if the Holomap specific conversation should be in its own thread, maybe you could create that within the right group or category so we can continue there.

Thanks in advance, and great to be here. I’ve been holding HOT since the early days, and waiting for the right moment to join the ecosystem. Looking forward to where we can go

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@Nate thank you for reaching out. From a high level HoloMap seems like a powerful tool. I will add you to the thread where we are coordinating our Holochain Community Mapping efforts.
Daya @Daya is a great resource in terms of everything HOT.


Do we have volunteers ( @spirit :wink: ) on this thread who are going through the Tutorials and are willing to play with HoloMap to create an artifact? If so loop in @Nate, myself and @Daya we will do our best to make your experience smooth without increasing your work.

i am beginning to prioritize time to go through all these tutorials, hackalongs, and i will have a look at holomap as well :slight_smile:

hopefully in a month or so, i will be able to start providing significant value :slight_smile:

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I am trying to follow Hello Holo tutorial but found that the hc command changed.

What is the equivalent for hc init now?


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