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About the Tutorials & Examples category

Official and community-contributed tutorials and sample apps that teach you how Holochain works.

Contribution guidelines

  • Read the general Learning Library contribution guidelines.
  • Format your code samples nicely; remember to tag code blocks with the language, e.g., ```rust.
  • Tutorials and examples are meant to teach by example. If your resource explains how to solve a particular problem, post it in #learning-library:recipes-howtos instead.
  • Use these tags to categorize your resource:
    • A #tutorial is a step-by-step lesson on how to create a simple app. It’s written in a narrative style, speaking directly to the reader. It contains explanations of why behind the steps.
    • An #example is a reference application that shows how to use a particular feature or implement a particular pattern. It’s packed full of code comments to help the reader understand your design choices.