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Hi there,

I’ve come across the Holochain model when doing research for my start-up platform We-Guild, a p2p gifting social network that aims to become a multi-stake holder platform co-op

I am not technically literate myself so to be frank I find the whole thing a bit overwhelming. When reading the bit about what Holochain is good for it all sounds great for what I am trying to do so how do I take it from there? (As someone technically illiterate?) Thanks!

Hello Guillermo! Welcome to the forum :smiley:

Since this is posted under an already existing topic “About the app development category,” I think it may get more visibility if we create a topic just about We-Guild (I’ll go ahead and do that), and maybe also take a moment to introduce yourself on the Welcome/Introductions thread and link to the We-Guild topic thread here.

I’ll say more in the We-Guild topic thread I just linked above.