A few questions in getting started with Holochain

Hi all,

I had a look through the documentation today and a brief look at the tutorials, so I’m completely new to this.

Say some data is collected and a subset of this data needs authenticated as current and accurate. How would you go about having a third party digitally sign it?

I’m thinking that for a web app the third party would need to register which would then create a node on the blockchain, a bit like the tutorial with the Alice and Bob nodes. The third party node would then be able to sign the data so it would show “verifed” or “authenticated” beside the relevant data. The user who’s data it is could then decide how much of their data they want to publicly display etc. I’m interested to know how exactly the digital signing process works on a web app like this.

For user privacy I wouldn’t like the third party to have access to all the data, only what they need to authenticate. I’m thinking multiple third parties may need access to specific parts of user data in order to validate or authenticate.

Does this sound like something suitable for Holochain?

Thanks in advance.


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@H0l0brain apologies for not answering your question.

If you haven’t attended #events:virtual-hackalong which happens on weekly basis. I would recommend attending them, as well as checking previous sessions.

SessionVideos are within the SessionThread (#events:virtual-hackalong)

Reason I am request for you to participate in Hackalong for your questions will be a stimulating discussions and would recommend you Register them in the BackLog with @hedayat.


Thank you for your reply, I’ll have a look into all this.

@H0l0brain assuming you are new to forum, it would be helpful for others as well as for your self to introduce yourself on the “Welcome Thread”.

If you are having some ideas brewing in your head and have a team you are working with in bringing those ideas to life. Then consider using a “Project Template” and posting them under #projects:100happs section.

I was having a look at the session thread, the first four session videos seem to be missing, are they available anywhere?

@sidsthalekar @guillemcordoba @hedayat would you be able to answer @H0l0brain question?

@H0l0brain thank you for your eagerness to learn and grow. Looking forward to your participation in the forum and helping our community grow and thrive.

Meanwhile sharing some of my assumption.

I think Sid, Guillem and Hedayat are community members like you and me, not part of holochain core, though they have repciprocal relationship with the core team especially around “technical topics” because of their initiatives as community members organizing the hackalongs for the other members.

So in short this is an “act of love” on their part that they have been doing for quiet sometime and they are like us “learning by doing” and contributing to make our community a thriving place to be part of. So maybe the recordings of initial sessions fell through the cracks.

Please check out this thread, which might have initial traces.

If you want to even dive deeper into more Dev Session before this then you could go to @raphisee Raphi’s thread on DevCamp 6

Thanks for helping out Arya. @H0l0brain, the Virtual Hackalong tag hadn’t been created when Sessions 1-4 were recorded. However, if you run a simple search for the title, like: ‘Session 4 - Virtual Hackalong’ you should be able to find it. Here’s one of the links:

Excellent, thank you I’ll have a look :slight_smile:

I’ll attempt to answer my own questions. If I’m wrong on anything feel free to correct me.

All data is digitally signed when a 3rd party agrees with the data. If the data is shared to any particular user and it passes validation rules and is accepted it is digitally signed. The 3rd party could add a status of “verified” or something like that to show explicit agreement.

Role management would solve the privacy issue:

More info here: