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Discussion Backlog - Virtual Hackalong

Hi everyone!

This is a backlog discussion thread for the Virtual Holochain session, both EU/US and Asia/Pacific.

If you have a topic or discussion you would love to talk about in the hackalong, put a reply here so that we all can see it and bring it up in one of our sessions!

Great to see everybody as always! :smiley:

Topic Session Numbers
Modularity 4, ?
Anchor First, Data First 3, 10
Generic Anchor Pattern ?
Aggregation(Count, Average) ?
Simple Entry Architecture ?
Uniqueness 5
Profile 5,6
Multi DNA Architecture (LeaP) 8, 10
Search Index ?
Mutual Credit hApp 7, 9
Conductor 11
IOT 12,15
HoloPort Q&A 13
Persona & DeepKey ?
Capability Token 15,16

  • Notice: This list is supposed to be architecture, design and core topics.

  • Please let me if you have any suggestion to add new topic or update session number or whaterver.