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Zome function 'hello_holo' not found in Zome 'hello'"

Hello team,

I’m trying to complete the Hello Holo tutorial and upon executing “curl -X POST -H “Content-Type: application/json” -d ‘{“id”: “0”, “jsonrpc”: “2.0”, “method”: “call”, “params”: {“instance_id”: “test-instance”, “zome”: “hello”, “function”: “hello_holo”, “args”: {} }}’

but , I’m met with the error:
{“jsonrpc”:“2.0”,“error”:{“code”:-32602,“message”:“Holochain Instance Error: Zome function ‘hello_holo’ not found in Zome ‘hello’”},“id”:“0”}"

I’m pretty sure the code is correct, I even copied the lib.rs file from the Completed Tutorial git. Can anyone assist?



use hdk::prelude::*;
use hdk_proc_macros::zome;

// see https://developer.holochain.org/api/0.0.47-alpha1/hdk/ for info on using the hdk library

// This is a sample zome that defines an entry type “MyEntry” that can be committed to the
// agent’s chain via the exposed function create_my_entry

mod hello_zome {

fn init() {

pub fn validate_agent(validation_data: EntryValidationData<AgentId>) {

pub fn hello_holo() -> ZomeApiResult<String> {
    Ok("Hello Holo".into())