You're invited to the Holochain Advocates Community Circle!

You are invited to join our new collaborative group, the Holochain Advocates Community Circle (HACC)!

HACC is an easy to understand, non-technical space of enthusiasts, this circle is for those who want to explore and participate in advocating for Holo and Holochain, and the various Holochain Applications (hApps) being created.

Here is our Vision & Mission Statements:


HACC is a warm, welcoming and safe online community space where non-technical Holochain Advocates collaborate to help create a world where the people and Earth’s natural systems can thrive.


As an inspired volunteer community, to learn, share, experiment and promote simple, basic ways of understanding Holochain, Holo and support developing Holochain applications.

Currently Hylo is in BETA testing mode, and is still in the process of moving to Holochain. Our Stakeholder Advocate on Hylo, Krisha, has been gracious, patient and so incredibly helpful. I just LOVE that we can have this circle on Hylo! It’s a massive collaboration, and we are having SO much fun!

Carolyn Beer, Jamie Klinger, Sam Turner and I are the co-founders, and have been deepening our relationships with each other over 1 year now on this project. It’s been a wonderful journey!

Now, you are invited to participate! Your good questions, answers, kindness and participation in building HACC collaboratively are WELCOME! It’s all free!

Here’s the link to join: Hylo

Doing the Happy Dance,

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P.S. If you know someone who is already a Holonaut or Holochain Enthusiast (for the vision, not JUST the crypto), feel free to pass this invitation along!


That’s really good! This is the thing we need.

I believe our community needs to be informed in a non-technical way as well. I deeply feel this necessity because I’m a non-technical person who knows just a little about software development. But the core of the Holochain is not software, the core is the idea and the philosophy behind it. A basic explanation of all of these components is a necessity. I’ll register to Hylo. Let me know if you need Turkish translations for the huge Turkish community.

Thank you for your efforts, it’ll fill an important gap.

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Thank you so much for writing! I saw your member request and will be onboarding new members over the weekend. I look forward to connecting and collaborating!


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thank you for the information

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Hello, can i take an opportunity to participate in the advocate program in my region EastAfrica through organising in person and virtual events too. Thank you

@Shidi, thanks for reaching out! Holochain Advocates, on doesn’t have a program for location subgroups. We’re virtual for the foreseeable future. We’re all volunteer with other projects, as well. Come check out HACC when it fits for you!


Thank you comrade,going virtual is so good. But theres a need for to some extent for in person too esp for some communities sk as all sectors,people and enterprises to participate in the industry

At a point,this would be required ,my suggestions

Hello Shidi,

We’ve been pretty paused on local meetups for a while, and some folks are talking about starting to pick them up again soon. I’ll dm you and we can chat about setting up a local meetup group. It’s been a while since someone’s wanted to start a new one, and it would be cool to learn about you and why you’re wanting to do it, and get a sense of whether or not we’re in a place that it makes sense for you /your project/your community’s needs to put the energy in.


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