Would self hosting on Holo require HoloFuel

The selling point of Holo should be that businesses and apps come and go and are transient whereas hardware… hardware isn’t! The companies that manage hardware have a longer lifetime. Hence it would only make sense if self-hosting doesn’t cost a dime! That is, if I as a host block all apps from being hosted on my device and only allow one, and allow it for being hosted for free, then I shouldn’t have to pay any transaction fee! I hope it makes sense!

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Price for hosting on Holo is determined by the free market. Publishers can offer an amount and Hosts can request an amount. Nothing stops you from making a deal of charging yourself 0HF and paying yourself 0HF, thereby paying 0HF transaction fee.
Your comment is a no-issue. You should be able to do just that. Don’t offer hosting to other apps (why turn down the income?) and only host for yourself.