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Hi, I’m surprised that Holochain is featuring the World Economic Forum as a partner, a non democratic agent that aims to shape our future globally without our consent. Is it about infiltrating and taking over?

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Holochain-powered CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies) coming soon!

~ Powell (the fed-up chairman of the Fed)


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“You will own nothing, and you will be happy!”


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You shouldn’t be; they’re all a bunch of socialists!

I don’t know anything about that partnership, so I can only guess. But it might have something to do with the movement towards a “4th industrial revolution” where a true sharing economy begins to emerge. You could say that right now we have a kind of proto-sharing economy, with the rise of Uber, Air BnB, etc., but these companies are still firmly entrenched in status quo capitalism, centralized entities extracting value from the psuedo-sharing economies they enable. You could imagine similar types of businesses built on Holochain, where the users are more powerful participants. This would start to resemble a true sharing economy.


Not even your own data… How is this compatible with a decentralised P2P network??

“No amount of window dressing can change the nature of the World Economic Forum – a club for capitalism’s elites”
[https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/jan/25/davos-world-economic-forum-capitalism-plutocracy](The high priests of plutocracy all meet at Davos. What good can come from that?)

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Oh, I didn’t mean that in the literal sense; I was just kidding; I was just being humorous! Don’t mind, please…

See! Told you – they’re all a bunch of socialists! Hahaha!

Fight the Great Reset with the Greater Reset: Privatize Everything! EVERYTHING!

Because we appear to be living in the midst of a “banana republic”-style “divide and conquer” information war, I like to highlight when I see communications which match the patterns used by disinformation agents. I see some of these patterns in this thread. For example:

– “Name-calling” (a propaganda technique, of course) important people or institutions “socialist”. This is a label repeated ad nauseam against politicians and institutions in order to demonize and delegitimize them.

– The invocation of black-and-white, absolutist ideology, e.g. “everything should be privatized.” Ideology is a tool to divide communities and have them engaging in power struggles with each other, over little more than meaningless nonsense / busywork. This, of course, gets them to waste their time and attention, which could otherwise be used in addressing their shared, very real problems.

– Asserting with an air of certainty that something as - to be generous - highly questionable as “privatizing everything” is a reasonable idea. Privatizing police? Privatizing tax collection? Privatizing the courts? These ideas are absurd. More reasonable than believing that this idea is made in good faith by an informed person is the idea that the person asserting this is simply a disinformation agent. Of course, I don’t know the intentions of people when they say and do things. This is just how it occurs to me, in part because the idea occurs to me as so completely absurd and also because I recognize other communication tactics of disinformation agents in this thread. (Of course, the person could simply be repeating things that they don’t understand, or they could have some deep and insightful understanding on the topic, which defies what I consider to be common sense.)

– One unofficial post by a single person on the WEF website is being used out of context (see the - admittedly vague and tepid - disclaimer on the page) in order to support the claim that the WEF is socialist. I’ve heard this idea repeated by others which has me believe that it’s being repeated in different communities in order to have them believe something which only helps to undermine the stability of institutions. Here’s the page, which includes the disclaimer: https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2016/11/how-life-could-change-2030/ It’s not an official WEF statement, or anything remotely resembling that.

– Highly questionable assertions, with highly questionable evidence, in support of the idea that Western institutions (which intend to forward the interests of Western democracies) are corrupt or evil. According to Yuri Bezmenov, we need to strengthen our institutions during the Destabilization Phase (the phase we appear to be in) of the Ideological Subversion process. We do not want to further question them and allow them to be destroyed through a constant barrage of claims of corruption, illegitimacy, etc.

Please everyone, seriously consider the possibility that we are in the middle of an information war meant to destroy the institutions of society. If you want to know more about why I believe this is extremely reasonable - far more reasonable than believing that this process is happening organically - see https://activemeasurespod.com where I have collected some of the original documents which inform my perspective, and where I have also shared some commentary. Yuri Bezmenov left us the blueprint for how open societies are destroyed but it’s of no use if we don’t study it or follow his recommendations for how to resist the process.

Wishing us all genuine, unconditional well-being. I’m happy to respond to good-faith challenges to anything I’ve written here.

Thank you so much for your attention on this off-topic but, I believe, highly meaningful information.




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Ben Nimmo (who created the Four D’s of Disinformation) said that at this point, disinformation is no longer about what’s true or false. It’s about getting people outraged and afraid. It’s the dynamic that matters.

And, so it is with the response to my previous post. The content is of no interest or importance. It could be anything, because they are not actually trying to collaborate or win me over with their arguments. They are simply engaging in divisiveness: contradict, make no sense, pretend special knowledge, etc, all in an attempt to emotionally destabilize the other. This is how narcissists - people who are constantly struggling to hide their soul-crushing shame from other people - trick and exploit the individuals in their personal orbit. They use these tactics because they work: DARVO, gaslighting, reality-upside-down lying, and (most importantly!) triangulation. Triangulation is what Steve Bannon was referring to when he said, “Darkness is good. Dick Cheney, Darth Vader, Satan. That’s power. It only helps us when they [liberals and the media?] get it wrong, when they’re blind to who we are and what we’re doing.” These tactics are now being used against the public via mass media and social media.

The last line of my previous post was the last nine characters of the md5sum of the next paragraph. I didn’t get everything right, but I hope that some similarities can be seen between what I predicted and what actually happened.

Footnote: this message is delivered in good faith. It contains some information which may occur to the original poster as challenging. Nevertheless, I approach with a spirit of collaboration and not power struggle. I predict that no meaningful conversation will take place between myself and the original poster. Instead, s/he will double down, play the victim, assert things about my inner world (my intentions, etc), and generally engage in the Four D’s of Disinformation [Dismiss, Distort, Distract, or Dismay (instill fear)] instead of responding in a spirit of collaboration which will result in peace and a shared reality.

These tactics are predictable because there is a method to their madness.

Wishing everyone the best,



Thanks James. Your attempt to engage was a valuable learning lesson for me. While I don’t agree with everything you said. I’m not going to try to refute or discuss it because I’m not willing to take the time. It does leave me open to future discussion and a valuing of your perspectives.

Thank you. I appreciate your having shared that.

This is the root of all suffering and will end humanity, not climate change or some other man-made symptom.

Jung was right! https://books.google.es/books/about/Catafalque.html?id=GhPXuwEACAAJ

This is so interesting to me. The reality upside-down lying of T**** was often translated by Yale psychiatrist and 20+ year expert on violence, Dr Bandy Lee. An example: https://bandyxlee.medium.com/translation-of-donald-trumps-december-17-2019-letter-to-nancy-pelosi-6bd901d90c26 It was all based on what you’re pointing to. Highly predictable. I 10,000% agree with you that this is the actual root of all evil in the world, at least in terms of what we can address and resolve through common-sense measures like making sure everyone has access to communication skills training (and making these skills high-status, as Jim Rutt of the Game B community believes). Anyway, don’t get me started! :slight_smile: On a more on-topic topic, I’ve been having a hard time getting up to speed with coding Holochain. Who I can hire for a couple hours to help get me up to speed?

Maybe start a new thread somewhere specifically to ask for help with learning coding? Your request is a bit buried here in a conversation where the people who might be able to help you might not see it!

Thanks. I’ll do that

WEF partnership sure raises concerns about Holochain’s true intentions. Maybe great for coin value but integrity of data and control I have less faith in now. WEF is the powerhouse of the world, and many would refer to as the root of modern human evil.

That said, I’m impressed with their 50th anniversary celebrations: aka the unique situation of the world today. It’s going to help fix a vast array of society’s ills this coming decade. Perhaps the end might justify the means.