Will HoloFuel be worth the same as HOT?

I assume it will be because since it’s a 1-to-1 HOT to HoloFuel then the circulating supply of it will have to be the same as the circulating supply of HOT.

but if not, and the exchange it 1 HOT to 1 HoloFuel, and if HoloFuel is worth more (say $1), what’s stopping someone from buying say, 1150 HOT ($10USD) and converting 1150 ($1150USD) into HoloFuel and converting that into USD, basically getting profit from the swap for free? If HoloFuel is less than HOT, what would stop someone from buying Holofuel then swapping to HOT during the 6-month swap?

Hot and Fuel will be 1:1 convertable for a 6 month period. After that the role of HOT is as one possible on-off ramp for Fuel, about the price who knows…