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Wikipedia Entry for Holochain

I just looked for Holochain on Wikipedia and was mildly surprised to find no article for it. Who would like to contribute to writing one?


I’ll happily scan it for what I think is mistakes, but my understanding is too lay-person to do it justice

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I could contribute to that @bierlingm, maybe get a skeleton of topics first? Have you gone into it already?

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I haven’t. Thanks for your offer!

I’ve since learned that you’re not supposed to write entries about things you’re close to, so yeah…

Hmm, okay, that rules me out too I guess. Holonic and agent-centric wikis seems a better route to evolve to where our proximity is not a problem but a strenght, could be balanced by concurrent views of others. I guess we just need to keep building :slight_smile:

Yes, agreed