Why holochain?

Why holochain over any other smart contract chain? I’ve seen hundreds of these but only few end up standing out. So why should I choose holochain?

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Hi @Aldas!

I am tempted to answer, however would appreciate if you could have a read of this article:

Here’s Holochain in 100, 200, and 500 words

…and see if you have the same or different question(s).

Let us know how it goes!



Nothing that stands out to me, also every smart contracts chain allows these things

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OK, well from my outsider’s point of view, my Holochain “Why” is:

  • Holochain is an Open Source language for creating fully distributed, decentralised applications that unlike blockchain does not rely on some central ledger so could be just me and one other person with no outside requirements

  • Holochain does not rely on a currency in order to run an application, the Holo currency project was created in order to support the development of Holochain by providing a useful bridge in order for Holochain apps to be accessible via the web. The Holo currency is an asset-backed currency, that asset being distributed hosting services for Holochain apps. For more info on Holo, there’s the Holo white papers

I don’t really look at any other projects, because every time I do they seem to pale into insignificance given the possibilities of Holochain. What I read seems very dated, and most of it very commercialised/marketing, based on the current world of competition, scarcity & fear vs the world of co-operation, abundance, and love.

Holochain is part of the larger MetaCurrency project and was initiated in order to show people a real world example of what is possible when we create technology that mimics how nature works.

I’m kinda a bit too deep into the subject being 48 and having hacked on code since I was messing around with assembly language when I was 9 so if there’s specific areas you’re not clear on perhaps I and/or others can point you in that direction, perhaps with a little more knowledge of where you’re coming from/at in terms of what you’re wanting to do / what you’ve done / whatever will also help narrow down the info we can share to help you.

Most of the projects I see flourishing in the Holochain world are doing things very differently than other ‘smart contract chains’, for example the Holo-REA project and ones that enables. Rethinking the value of money itself, instead of creating more of the same that got us into this rather terrible situation we see ourselves in at the moment in terms of world and human health.

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I would be interested in knowing more about what you might be interested to use Holochain for, why you’re looking for a “smart contract chain.” That might help narrow down whether Holochain is right for your use case, or whether it would be fine to go with something else.

Holochain is fundamentally different than all of the others I have looked at, so no, it is really not the same thing. This is a good intro video, if you haven’t already seen it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUfyHNGvnDo

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Thanks for making a little clearer, hidden in my mass of text I did try to communicate similar :wink:

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Thanks, learned a bit more and seems like a good concept ngl

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