Why does Holochain matter to you?

Weekly Discussion #1 – Why does Holochain matter to you? Join the discussion with our community and let us know why you’ve chosen Holochain.


It matters to me because it represents a way to encourage us to work together as collective communities. There is no question that we are facing some big challenges as a species in the future. I think exploring new smarter ways to incentivize the common over the individual is a key ingredient in our survival and ability to thrive.


Holochain matters to me because it makes humans the priority in its model of the world, not technology and algorithms. The designers understand that in order to maintain sovereignty we need to have our own unique view of the world. And that communities are created by bringing together those unique views not trying to agree on one monolithic Truth about reality.


Holochain I see as being a skill that gives communities ability to efficiently enable trust - allowing creative individuals to solve local problems using local resources. Strengthening the community through localisation of control. This aspect I find especially interesting.

The intersection of a desire to improve circumstances and effortless trust is a birthplace for value, the grounds for collaboration both globally and locally from which countless beautiful forms can emerge.


Holochain matters to me because we need different solutions to transform and address the need for greater agency over our data and communications with peers. I see a potential future where we can take the internet back and choose how and when we transact, share, engage, and conduct our daily interactions, and with whom.

Holochain could enable new ways of interacting, as well as new economies. I want to be part of transformative patterns and technologies.


Check the comments above mine! I agree with them all! Ultimately holochain matters to me because it provides the framework/tools to build the apps/systems to enable an alternative way to ‘be’ to save our species from an otherwise inevitable mass extinction timeline. :green_heart:


Hmmm… this is a reflection-provoking question. What is my desire for the world? That we move away from zero-sum games towards win-win games. This is, I think, at the foundation of most of our problems. I play the zero-sum game too, and I hate it.

As a bit of a pragmatist, I don’t think Holochain will save the world — not by itself, at least. We are the ones who have the collective power to create these ‘new games’; software is just there as part of our toolbox. However, I will say a few things:

  • Holochain is a pretty darn cool toolkit. I remember being captivated by its design when I discovered it two years ago — as a fan of permaculture, I loved its systems thinking approach that yielded a design that appeared to be failure-tolerant, adaptive, empowering, and appropriately scaled. We can build empowering things with the current centralised tools, but tools leave their mark on the things we build with them.
  • I do have hope that Art and Eric’s musings on grammatic capacities has some weight to it — that is, when we create new ways of expressing ourselves, our ability to coordinate takes a massive evolutionary leap. And that’s what we kinda need right now. Hoping Holochain and tools like it will birth those new capacities.
  • I’m constantly surprised and heartened by the kind of attention Holochain draws. Even if it were just vapourware, it’d be worth talking about Holochain just because it brings changemakers together and gets them talking.

Sorry, I was never good at brevity.


I was thinking the same thing. Holochain matters to me because it aims to move away from the zero-sum game models. The current traditional financial products (stocks, bonds, precious metals, most cryptos, scarcity based investments) are based on zero-sum game models. With Holochain and it’s ecosystem, new products and services can be realized to let us exchange value in a more human way.


Holochain matters like the internet matters. It’s a new layer of communication protocol that enables fully peer to peer level communication and collaboration upon which an entire new generation of applications and services will be developed. It matters because we need new systems of shared valuation which do not depend upon centralized controllers who effectively enslave the population to a system they manage. It returns to the people the freedom to interact on mutual terms without interference or censorship, but with accountability and integrity.

It matters to me because I want to share circuit designs and not let them be monopolized. This goes far beyond Holochain itself, but without this technology everything else is impossible. Whether other solutions could evolve, none currently offer what Holochain promises, and I hope for its speedy public availability.


Holochain matters to me because service to others is greatly undervalued. Holochain represents an opportunity to share our abundance with anyone and everyone we believe is making a difference in other’s lives and support them in their mission of service.


i’d like to see open source “commons” software projects that don’t need to beg for money, paywall features or sell t-shirts to keep the lights on


@Rob Wholeheartedly agree. I would also like to see us better measure emotional labor. I see service as a form of emotional labor.

@carolyn Would love to hear your perspective on making visible the emotional labor around community building.


Holochain matters to me because we need self sovereignty over data, and we need less monopoly by tech giants, we need an upgrade to the existing internet which also makes use of the crypto technology, we need to include everyone if we want to make a change


I’d like if we didn’t extinct ourselves within the next century. We need to upgrade collective intelligence, and Holochain gives me hope that we could achieve that.


Every day, I see like-minded or just -minded people being censored or threatened for speaking. I see habits of self-censorship and fear worming their way under our skin. We are being held hostage by our need to talk to our friends and family online. We see political campaigns blatantly manipulated by tech giants, certain news disappearing and major figures getting their life’s work banned. This won’t be so easy with Holochain.
I think Holochain will buy us the time and bring us the tools to save the world. I wonder what Holochain will do with rapidly developing and rapidly devolving countries. Once we can truthfully and openly talk to each other, we can bring real solutions to our problems.


I used to work in the IoT/Smart home industry. I am well aware of the responsibility of having tools at your disposal that gives me as a vendor control of other peopls’s data, habits, locations, even control of their devices, home etc.

With the proliferation of social media, mobile shopping/location/msg/video apps, CCTV/computer vision, smart speakers, big data/AI etc - there are simply TOO MANY data points on every individuals that are collected by centralised commercial or government entities that can compromise both privacy and quality of life (if use against them).

I do see the trend of “big brother” emerging. Tech giants become more and more powerful. Governments having the ability to control aspects of their citizen life. What will happen 10 years from now if there are nothing to disrupt this trend?

I do believe the evolution and progress of holochain is a small step in the direction of disrupting the status quo. Give the power back to the user. Give the user complete control of their data.

What i also like about the design of holochain is it’s agent-centric approach mirrors how the real world works. It makes sense and i can see it will be WAY scalable, better UX, decentralised, sustainable without compromising on security (if there are robust validation process with even minority honest users).

The economic model of holo fuel also can accrue value as the hosting network grows in capacity/efficiency. Yet designed to filter off speculative pressure that will impede mainstream adoption. It such a wonder why no one really think deeply about this problem associated with most utility tokens (bar stablecoins) except holochain.

Lastly, i like that the holochain model allows low barrier of entry and anyone can be a node/user/host to contribute resources to the network and get incetivised. This creates wide alignment of interest among many stake-holders and certainly can create huge network effects from ground up.

Can’t wait for holochain to move towards open alpha!


@lynnfoster and I have been thinking and working for some years on an omega project that she recently started to call the Economic Operating System.

Here’s an earlier and slightly goofy attempt to explain it: https://github.com/valueflows/forum.valueflo.ws/issues/35

Even earlier, Todd Boyle talked about General Ledger Dialtone before blockchains existed. It’s the same idea, and we were influenced a lot by Todd.

The ability to interact economically should be built into the Internet just like email.

Holochain, and HoloREA, could be the first real-life implementation of that idea.


I definitely see some intermediate ledger service providers apart from monolithic or individually maintained personal ledgers as being part of the ultimate Holochain ecosystem. So many ways to integrate diverse approaches to managing one’s data and organizational data.


WOW, YES I agree with what everyone else has said. I am very excited and humbled to be part of this amazing community co-creating the future net for the betterment of humanity… :slight_smile:

And yes Holochain along with what we are all building WILL help save the world… this is a big part of what my project Our World is all about, “Together we can create a better world”. I say my project, but I am just the seeder and has been downloaded to me in visions so it is not really mine, it is the divine and it is all of ours, hence the name… :wink: The whole world is the Our World team, I want people to take responsibility for our beautiful world… :slight_smile:

Our World is like a XR Unified Interface into all of these hApps (this is the Operating System part of it), it’s a bit like the XR UI front-end to Holochain where you can view and launch any apps from inside it but they integrate much more deeper than that through the OASIS API/Profile/Avatar/Karma system where they all share the central avatar/profile and can all add/subtract the profiles/avatars karma… it’s very hard to try and share and explain my vision… I just wish I had the investment to get it going properly… I hope soon… :slight_smile:


My speciality is deep integration and unification… :slight_smile: I want to bring everything together and not just within Holochain… the whole world… I think VERY BIG! :wink:

Holochain is the foundation of the new internet and the new earth that is birthing and believe me, it WILL change the world for good… I see a long way into the future! :wink:

Thank you for this amazing forum, it has helped show me what everyone else is working on instead of being in my own silo and I see a LOT more opportunities to collaborate and work with others to help accelerate the new net and new earth… :slight_smile:

Once again, a big thank you to you all, it is an honor to serve with you all…