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Why build on Holochain?

Curious if any of you have great, short answers to this simple question.

Some other ways to bake the pie:

  • What do you see possible with Holochain, that isn’t possible with other frameworks?
  • How does Holochain differ from everything else out there?
  • Why does Holochain make you excited?

Listening (hard) for better ways to talk, simply about this very subject. The shorter and simpler we can communicate this, the easier it will be to kickstart people’s imagination. Thanks for your words and thoughts!


Hi @jarodholtz. I think @marycamacho does a great job of answering this question in this AMA recording (this link will take you directly to her response). Hopefully you’ll find it useful.

Edit: Haha, I just realised you’re an Official Team Member :laughing: I guess what you’re really interested in hearing is responses from the community :grimacing:

Okay then, I guess I’ll bite

  • Possibilities: Giving users more control/agency over their data. Giving devs cheaper, more sustainable/scalable hosting.
  • Differences: It’s beautifully suited for building both traditional distributed apps and for decentralized solutions that refer to contracts and currencies.
  • Exciting: It’s fixing what’s broken about the current internet. Users should not be the product. We should not be funding global communications with advertising money - it’s gross.

Also, I heard someone say about Holochain (I’m paraphrasing), “It’s values are baked into the platform.” That really resonated with me :blue_heart:


It is currently the only technology with the potential to enable a technology-enabled self-sovereign world and avert a fascist totalitarian one.

Resiliency of data and algorithms to any form of network censorship, especially as more parts of Coventina are built.

It is currently the only technology with the potential to enable a fascist totalitarian world and avert a technology-enabled self-sovereign one.

@stevepurkiss, I think you might have intended to reverse the 2 scenarios in your last sentence?

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In deed :wink:


Great question, here’s some thoughts.

For those who understand Web3:
Holochain is a scalable infrastructure ready for your Web3 apps. (not sure if the ‘ready’ part is true yet?)

For those who don’t understand Web3:
Holochain will enable new types of organisations to be built on the internet and we hope these new organisations will be better for solving environmental and social problems.