What's RSM?

What is RSM?

Both @sidsthalekar and @guillemcordoba have mentioned it but I hadn’t heard of it till now…

As you may know I’m deep into the .net hdk now and should have an initial prototype in a week or two… BUT… sounds like I REALLY need to be aware of these big changes coming asap so I can factor them in… I hope they are not too radical?! Lol :wink:

What new ways of calling into zome functions?

“So no, I haven’t been able to see the .net HDK, but wait a minute… You know that all that infrastructure is going to change with RSM right? There is a new rust hdk, new WASM engine (WASMER), new ways of calling into the zome functions… I am telling you since it might impact greatly the work you’ve been doing, I hope you can reuse all that work.”


Hey @dellams - rsm is an update to core that we’re not talking about publicly yet. Please keep it under wraps, and I’ll ask sid and guillem the same!

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