What's most important to the success of your project or idea?

Weekly Discussion #3 – What’s most important to the success of your project or idea? Join the discussion with our community.

  1. Putting funds towards HoloREA and helping build it,
  2. training on on all levels to help people understand holoREA Accounting for:
  • speedy app development (great for hackathons)
  • supply chain management
  • and tradable units of account for creating new trade instruments with validation rules that also protect against monopolies of asset ownership (and eventually drift away from this ownership idea altogether).

That’s what comes to mind for me.

  1. Securing the necessary funds to start things up at JALA
  2. Having a closer understanding of the actual Holochain timeline
  3. Creating the legal body and obtaining the necessary permissions
  4. On boarding the 2-3 other people necessary in the first weeks & months
  5. Finishing the organisational design
  6. Finishing the software architecture

Scalability of Holochain itself, and usability and features I am able to make in coolcats to match functionality of existing social networks, which with community participation should ultimately be easily accomplished once core capability is satisfactory.

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Appreciate you guys creating a thread for this. Here’s what we’d love for Sacred Capital:

  • More platforms like the AMA’s to showcase what we’re building to the larger community. We believe reputation design is critical to the distributed web, so the more conversations we have around this, the better it is in the long term
  • Sharing sessions with other entrepreneurs who are sliding down the ‘Agent-centric’ rabbit hole. I think most of us are conditioned to design in the traditional centralised tech way. Sessions like these will allow us to collective learn and move towards agent centric designs faster.
  • ‘Buddys’ in the core Holo dev team who can keep an eye on our architecture and add helpful inputs when necessary.
  • We all have our own networks of users, funders, advocates. It would be very helpful to have senior holochain members doing interactions with our communities. Helps us gain traction faster.

Looking forward to these!