What other projects are there sharing the mindset of Holochain?

What do I mean with “the mindset of Holochain”? What I see is that Holochain is creating a infrastructure that negates abuses of centralized power by institutions or oganizations. Holochain works towards parallel societies, offering devices of collaboration and communication for those structures.

What other projects are there right now that are heading into the same direction of the future?


Hi Mythrael,

On the spot I think of 3 projects (that are not in the Holochain ecosystem):

Qortal https://qortal.org/.
On the tech side I would say Qortal have common values when you read their goal and the words they use.
But still it’s a blockchain.
Holochain is way smarter in my view.

Nostr : https://nostr.com/
A twitter like very light and simple

The Beef Initiative : https://beefinitiative.com/
Connect local farmers and consumers to be sovereign

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The core of Holochain in my understanding are,

  • easily managed / delegated personal server (similar projects are umbrel and urbit)
  • one DHT per app (similar to sharding but on an app level. Also Different to a giant DHT like BitTorrent, IPFS, Hyper protocol by adding more customized validation)
  • mutual credits with countersigning (this I don’t find direct examples yet).
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I have not seen any other crypto projects that truly share the “mindset of Holochain.”
There is urbit.org described here by critic Jay Riverlong: “At a glance, Urbit’s premise is appealing: allowing users to take ownership of their data again, and defining ways for users to interact on the internet without letting corporations play middleman. In short, it’s a peer-to-peer network, built to decentralize the internet.” Read the article at the link, if you want to know how bad it is. Basically it’s been a 20 year project that uses a lot of unique and specially developed technology, and jargon. Doesn’t have any practical projects running on it.

Then there is threefold.io " OUR MISSION To build an open-source peer-to-peer Internet infrastructure that removes all forms of centralization from the global IT systems." They look and sound similar to Holochain. The write about a “democratized Internet infrastructure” and providing “100% data ownership and privacy.” Their implementation is blockchain based and their focus in on storage and compute capacity. Looking over their web site I still don’t get what they are specifically doing. Maybe I’m too Holochain biased and bringing hidden prejudices. I’m not spending much time understaing what they are up to. They have their unique language for their ecosystem. Farms and grids. The talk a lot about sustainability (a joke with blockchain energy consumption) and incentivizing people with their token $TFT.

Threefold appears to be the creator of the Alliance for a Conscious Internet (consciousinternet.org) with noble goals that look very aligned with Holochain’s. The only company name I see listed when I look over that site is Threefold. I hope that they are open to other organizations with other technologies joining. Seems like a good place for Holochain and hApps to be connecting.

There. That’s my input for the evening. Interested to hear from anyone else who knows about Urbit or Threefold.

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Bump. Very important Q.

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