What language is Holochain written? What languages can I use to make Holochain apps?

Holochain is written in the Rust programming language. At a low level, Holochain runs WebAssembly code, but for all practical purposes, developers will write applications in a language that compiles to WebAssembly, such as Rust, C, C++, Go, etc. For now, only Rust has tier 1 support for writing apps because it has a “Holochain Development Kit” Library, which makes writing WebAssembly apps easy.


Soon .net too with the .net HDK we plan to build soon… :wink::+1:



On that note if anyone has any Rust related questions feel free to ask me, I’m not an expert but I do love the language!

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Yes I have been struggling to get up to speed with it and has been a real learning curve coming from a c# background so another reason I really wanted to build a .net hdk to be way more productive. :wink:

But I guess I will get over the hump soon and yeah thanks I will be sending you lots of questions when I take the plunge back into my rust code soon… :+1::pray::grin: