What is Holochain doing to help with Crypto Recovery?

I have about $30k in Holo tokens that i can’t access. I tried sending to coinbase but they don’t support Holochain. I can’t recover them because no one knows how to apparently. I have all the information that shows I made the transfer and own the tokens but neither binance, Etherscan or coinbase can help me recover them. Why can’t holochain simply credit the tokens to a new account and void the ones stuck in Etherscan?

I don’t know much about these situations but have seen a couple of posts recently about exchanges disappearing - I’ve only tried playing the game once a couple of years back when I bought some ETH but then wobbled and sold it a week later! The first thing I learned though was as soon as you’ve done the transaction is to move your tokens off the exchange to your own wallet which you are in control of so if it disappears it’s your fault.

So what’s the story here - did you not move it to your own wallet and if you did then lose it then why would it be anyone else’s issue than yours?

Please enlighten me…

If you don’t know much about these situations, you should have stopped there. Looking for helpful responses only, thank you.

Nice attitude.

So, am I right or are you saying I am wrong?

Didn’t even understand your question. You lost me at “i don’t know much about these situations”. Good day sir

My question is simple, Sir: How did you lose your crypto if it was in your wallet?

It is a good day indeed, I hope I can learn from you, you sound like a person whom is willing to take risk in this crypto business and you supported Holo which is fantastic! I am sorry for your loss, I will be sure to check out the rules of the game if I decide to play again.

I said good day sir!

If you sent it to your coinbase eth address, they could help you get your funds back.

How rude!

I hope your wealth brings you everything you dream of.

It’s a movie, Willie Wonka lol, lighten up, life is too short.

Thank you, appreciate the help.