What happens if I shutdown and restart an agent?

So, I am fairly new to holochain and me and a colleague of mine stumbled over a problem.

What if I decide to temporarily shut down my conductor and then restart it? My entries wouldn’t be lost because the other nodes would store them, but my source chain would be lost right? Does the source chain “rebuild” itself if I enter a network where there are already some entries with my agent-ID, another question would be how private entries would fit in this scenario given the fact that their content would also likely be lost when shutting down.

Is there anyone that thinks he can help with this problem?

Hi @Philipp! So when you shut down the conductor, everything that was on your current state has already been persisted to disk, including private keys and your source chain. So, next time you boot it up, you will have all your data right from where you left the DNA.

Hey @guillemcordoba, thanks for the quick reply to my problem.
Is there any Documentation that I could reference in order to avoid future confusions in regards to this topic, or is your answer based on your own research/experience?