What can we learn and integrate from today's tax system?

What can we learn from the tax system?

I see tax as a sort of ongoing crowdfunding campaign to coordinate to meet basic human needs

Like http://CoBudget.co but for collective campaigning for infrastructure, roads, healthcare

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“Collecting tax” could become much more localised and the use of collected resources much more precise/efficient. We should also try to make the mechanisms behind choosing contractors for various sectors more transparent so that tax money doesnt find its way to some “friends of the state” pocket that easily or to eradicate such options for good.

I think that governance ideas and forms will arise after time that are much more suitable for and much more ready for a network based society / economy where people organise around common goals and ideas rather than state identities. But this can be a very long process.

Putting up 20% of your resources and effort towards running the community and its infrastructure should feel much more pleasant in smaller scales / or direct engagement in issues - than if it was collected just by one big entity that has no ability to distribute the collected resources evenly or where they are needed and also has massive running costs.

I think that while transitioning to a resource based economy with better reputation systems
we will come up with useful and much better ideas around governance and will find more efficient ways to create/have reciprocity towards your community and the whole :earth_africa:

I can also see how implementing the ideas of fluid democracy can help create a better ‘reciprocity system’.