What are your top 3-5 questions about Holochain app development?

Weekly Discussion #6 – What are your top 3-5 questions about Holochain app development? Join the discussion with our community.

Is lib3h ready?

Any questions about Holochain app development?

lib3h is not ready for public release yet. You can follow the progress here: https://github.com/holochain/lib3h/pulse

Check out the latest update/article about networking

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Zome sharing. How best to contribute to a compository of zome modules and document them

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I have a question.

I hope I am not out of place, as I am not a developer (I also asked this on Reddit where I initially saw the prompt), so perhaps there is something I am totally missing, but, perhaps someone could shed some light nonetheless.

After perusing the https://github.com/Holo-Host page, it appears as though a “commit” has not been made to either the “holo hosting app” or the “Holo Nixpkgs” repos in over a week–close to two weeks for the former. Again, I’m not a dev, and I have very little experience with Github, but, it seems to me that little activity could mean a few things. For example, the project is done; therefore there’s no need for continued work. Or, there are many processes occurring “behind-the-scenes,” so to speak–therefore, Github activity, or lack thereof, isn’t necessarily that great of a metric when trying to measure progress/ activity, etc. Or… it could mean: nothing’s happening because… a variety of following reasons: none of which are good: i.e., it doesn’t work, it’s dead, etc., etc. Because it would seem to me that these components–the app which connects Providers to Hosts is a crucial part of the HOLO ecosystem (read: Holoports, Holo TOKEN, so on, so forth–but NOT necessarily a component of the Holo Chain configuration at large, so to speak… So that’s a long way of basically asking:

(Tl;dr) How might interested parties interpret the “Holo Host Github,” with its seemingly low level of activity by way of “commits,” and/ or other similar metrics? Are the projects “complete” (for now?)? At a standstill? Or yet some other, simpler, much more benign explanation?


Hi, a good place to ask Holo Hosting questions would be Telegram. Are you on Telegram? Join the Official Telegram

Feel free to ask any Holo Hosting questions on Telegram. Currently, we do not have a separate forum for Holo Hosting. One will be launched in the future in order for Holo Hosting questions to be further addressed.

Holochain app development is certainly different from Holo Host development. If you would like to view the Holo Host commit activities, check out the Commits Dashboard.

A lot of progress is being made with the Holo Network. Check out the latest updates here.

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