Web5 vs Holochain

You may have heard Jack Dorsay (founder of Twitter) talking about Web5 in June this year (and it’s his focus right now)

I’m curious about how the concepts and the architecture are different than Holochain.

The philosophy and goals seem quite similar to Holochain and it’s cool that Bitcoin maximalists are viewing the necessity for the network architecture to be changed.

Holochain seems more “whole” and with more profound foundations, still I’m curious if any of the architecture/network engineers have a view on Web5, especially in comparison to Holochain.

What do you think? Any insights on this ?

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I’m not a developer and have studied only a little coding. Still I recently noticed some talk of what you have said. Will Holochain be bypassed? Or the opposite? With crypto collapsing along with the FTX mess I hope people will recognize what Holo is doing and devs will become interested and get involved. I’ll have to read what Jack Dorsey said but sounds encouraging.